Tented Adventures Sales Revenue Growth via Paid Voucher Ads

In this interview, Wynand du Toit, Founder of the multi-award-winning glamping site Tented Adventures, discusses how he works with VoucherCart to grow his business.  Specifically, he discusses the success Tented Adventures has achieved on the VoucherCart voucher ads programme, delivering 25x ROAS.

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The sales results we’ve seen have been amazing and literally beat all of the ad campaigns we’ve run in the past. We’ve seen 25x return on our total ad spend and had to add another voucher after only two weeks into the programme because we’ve completely sold out our first voucher.

Wynand du Toit, Founder at Tented Adventures

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Of course, to achieve great revenue growth with voucher sales, the products and services offered need to be high quality and priced to sell. Wynand discusses those elements which deliver competitive advantage for Tented Adventures and help to set them apart from the field, discusses the present and future of the business and those other elements he attributes to the businesses continued growth.

Can you tell us more about Tented Adventures? 

Our focus is on providing authentic and affordable mobile glamping adventure throughout South Africa. This includes our tented accommodation, outfitted with hotel-grade beds and linen, our safari adventure experiences as well as food prepared by our hosts on open fires and with the local flavour.

Tented Adventures’ key to success

After 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve found that there was a massive gap in the market to offer an affordable and authentic glamping experience. In 2016 I’ve decided to start the business and I attribute its success to our whole team – from our reservation ladies to the camp hosts, the safari adventure cars, our housekeepers and that’s all signed into our service excellent promise. As a result, in the past 5 years, we have won 4 national awards and have been a Trip Advisor Award winner in the past 4 years. Also, our daily reviews speak for themselves. Our focus is to offer a unique experience at an affordable price – that’s what we want to take to the market.

Overcoming COVID-19 challenges

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, we’ve realised we needed to edge on our competitors and that the best option would be to offer vouchers. We’ve researched our options and ended up booking a call with the VoucherCart team. After discussing the vouchers we wanted to sell with the ads, the VoucherCart team have set everything up for us – we literally just sat back and let them work on it.

We’ve run many ad campaigns before and none of them have delivered anything like the sales performance the VoucherCart ads programme has brought to us. The results far exceeded our expectations. It’s amazing, the team at VoucherCart clearly know what they’re doing, it’s working for us.

Wynand du Toit, Founder at Tented Adventures.

VoucherCart Ads Performance Overview

Take a look at a sample of the results of our ads across other clients we work with…

Working with VoucherCart

We’ve been able to grow fast and drive cash flow to the business with payment upfront and in full, which is important for all hospitality businesses currently because as we all know, cash flow has taken a big strain during this pandemic. VoucherCart gives us complete control of what we sell, how the vouchers look, their terms of use, and the sales we can achieve are high profit The system is easy to use, it was easy to set up and the support team is fantastic. Because of their low fees, we can sell without impacting our margins much.

It’s a great system, easy to use and we’ve had great results and great support. I have no hesitation in recommending VoucherCart to anyone looking to grow their business.

Wynand du Toit, Founder at Tented Adventures.

The future

We are actually very bullish in our approach. With the success we’ve achieved through the vouchers, we’ve realised that we need to explore additional camps. It also validated our business model and showed that there is a true interest in vouchers, which was another important bit we took from the VoucherCart ads programme.

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