Step 1: Promote and sell

As the most profitable items your business can sell, the more pre-paid gift cards, vouchers, memberships, and tickets you can sell, the better.  Promote and sell your vouchers via your website, social media, and to your customer opt-in email database.

  • Sell limited-time deals with discounts. (?)
  • Sell extra-value vouchers to incentivise higher sales conversions. (?)
  • Notify your customers of the offers by email (?)
  • Promote your vouchers to your social channels using the auto-promotion scheduler.
  • Watch the sales come in.
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Step 2: Customers redeem vouchers

All sales in VoucherCart are pre-paid in full and in advance via your payment gateway, so you now have cash in the bank for the sales you’ve made.

As vouchers and gift cards are often purchased as gifts for others by loved ones, friends, and colleagues, your newly acquired customers are the best kind. Referred customers. Referred to your business often by people who already know your business. They’re right on-target.

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Step 3: Issue reloadable cards to customers when they redeem

When eVoucher holders present their vouchers to your business for full or part-redeem, VoucherCart allows you to issue each customer a reloadable card.

Cards can be used by your business in a range of configurations to suit your needs. Loyalty, membership, or discount. Or all of these. You decide.

Your newly acquired customers can be effectively retained, and incentivised to return as loyal customers, on terms you define.

Discover Reloadable Cards

Reloadable Cards

Acquire new customers with gift-card, voucher, membership or ticket sales and retain them with powerful discounts, rewards and incentives. NFC enabled and QR-Code scannable for fast and efficient, issuance, read and redeem.

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