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If you don’t have a payment gateway account currently, and want to start selling gift cards, we’d recommend STRIPE, and you can create an account with STRIPE and connect it directly from your dashboard.

If you need any advice or assistance with this step, just start a chat with our team from your dashboard.

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Common Questions

VoucherCart is a sales engine used by businesses to promote and sell their products and services as vouchers, gift cards and tickets. Vouchers, gift cards and tickets can be sold as eVouchers, traditional printed physical cards, and reloadable NFC plastic cards as best suits your business requirements.

VoucherCart uses automated promotion, viral levers and loyalty to ensure reliable and sustained sales growth, with powerful new customer acquisition and retention.

There are many, but here are a few important ones:

  • Increased Profit: Vouchers, Gift Cards and Tickets are the most profitable thing your business can sell. They provide your business with payment in full, and in advance, against products and services which are only every redeemed around 85% of the time.
  • Unparalleled Growth: VoucherCart is the world’s most powerful and advanced voucher sales engine for business – it’s a selling machine purpose built to grow revenue for your business! Thanks to the power of our automation, viral promotion, and loyalty – sales of your gift vouchers and vouchers will out-perform sales by all other methods.
  • Increased new customer acquisition & retention: Thanks to VoucherCart’s powerful automated promotion of your vouchers via your web-site, email and social media channels, your business can acquire new customers at significantly higher levels than can be achieved via traditional eCommerce platforms.  In addition VoucherCart’s optional loyalty programme rewards your voucher buyers with loyalty and rewards you define and control, to ensure your newly acquired customers return, again and again.
  • Improved Efficiency: VoucherCart is fully automated driving sales for your business hands-free, so once you have created your vouchers and gift cards, the system handles everything. No need for manual voucher or gift card printing, promotion, order fulfilment or postage. Once set-up, everything is automated so you just get paid and redeem the vouchers when you customers present them at your store/premises or on-line to redeem.
  • VoucherCart puts YOU in control: VoucherCart puts you in complete control of what you sell, when and where, at prices you define which make you profit, and on terms you control.  It lets you leverage loyalty to the voucher buyer AND recipient so you retain more of the RIGHT kind of customer.  Your vouchers, gift cards and tickets are promoted through your web-site and social media, so you get the benefit of increased exposure for your own digital channels strengthening your own online presence as you go.
  • Always up to date: It’s 100% cloud based so your software is never out of date. We’re continually adding extra features and tools to extend your reach and grow your sales over time. What’s more all upgrades are applied automatically to your account and are free of charge.

We charge 4% per transaction and a small monthly subscription fee which varies depending on your Country/Location. See pricing for details.

None whatsoever. You can sell monetary gift cards with flexible or set values, vouchers for specific products/services, packages, memberships or tickets. Whatever you like, and as many as you like.

1st step is to sign-up. If you have questions you’d like answered first feel free to start a chat at bottom of this screen, or book a screen-share demo.

Sign-up takes a minute or less, then you can book in a one-to-one consultancy with your designated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will help you with any questions and ensure your account is set-up so you can start selling as quickly as you require.

Without fail, we’ll deliver revenue growth.

The scale of that is very much down to careful consideration of the products/services we voucherize with you – to make them attractive to buyers. Your vouchers and gift cards should look good, have clear descriptions, clear terms of use and be priced at a level which your customers expect to pay.

When those elements are in place, the VoucherCart platform can really do it’s work. It’s designed to drive sales, bring new customers to your business, and keep them returning, so our clients will generally always see:

  1. Immediate new revenue generated from the availability of the above.
  2. Steady revenue growth month on month, year on year.

Payment is sent to your bank account at time of sale, via your preferred Payment Gateway.

Connecting your gateway (or setting one up and connecting it in VoucherCart if your business does not have an active Payment Gateway) is easy and part of set-up which your Account Manager can assist you with if you need help.

VoucherCart supports connection of most popular Payment gateways such as STRIPE, PayPal,, WorldPay, Global Payments and many more. This varies depending on the Country in which your business is located.

Nope. Subscription is payable monthly and you can cancel at any time. No tie-ins or up-front-fees.

We have an exceptionally low cancellation rate, which stands as testament to the fact we deliver reliable revenue growth and our clients love our platform.