Don’t have the time and resources to set-up your VoucherCart account to maximise sales, or simply just need some help? Don’t worry – We’ve got you covered, and our expert team know exactly what to do. After a short consultation, we’ll set up VoucherCart’s proprietary software for your unique business needs to achieve revenue growth, high-profit customer acquisition, and retention.


Benefit from our team’s expertise through focused consultancy. We’ll gather the information we need to optmise and configure your account for peak revenue growth performance.

Account Set-up

We’ll handle your account configuration complete with sales page and voucher styling, website and social connectivity, postal fulfillment, and payments from sales directly to your bank.


This varies depending on the size of your business, and the type of account you have (Business, Pro, or Enterprise). As a rule of thumb however typically 2-7 Days for a Business or Pro account. For Enterprise typically slightly longer.

Our standard set-up fees are shown below in USD and may vary depending on the Country/Currency of your account:

  • Business Account: $900
  • Pro Account: $1,200
  • Enterprise: Variable depending on scope/requirements

You should have an active VoucherCart Account. From there you will see the option to select Set-Up.

If you have not registered for an account yet, simply select SIGN-UP at the top of this page.

Set-up will provide you with a working VoucherCart account that can accept voucher, gift card, ticket and membership sales and with payments for your sales being sent to your bank via your selected Payment Gateway together with any other features you requested to be configured during consultancy.

From here our clients have the option to manage their account and sales growth on their own with their internal teams/processes, or to opt-in to the Voucherize programme. Voucherize is a service provided by the VoucherCart team aimed at driving monthly revenue growth for our clients through focused promotional services.

Learn more here: Voucherize

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