What Cards Deliver

Cards with VoucherCart deliver unrivalled new customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue growth. This can drive revenue growth by up to 150% and increase Customer Lifetime Value by up to 85%.

What makes our cards unique and how do they deliver high growth?

Linked directly to and further leveraging VoucherCart's market-leading voucher and gifting system, cards by VoucherCart offer revenue growth and profit performance unmatched by any sales platform in the market today.


Traditional card programs focus on cardholders spending for themselves to gain benefit. VoucherCart Cards provide this too, but additionally incentivise cardholders to create new cardholders via "gifting". Growth using VoucherCart cards is self-propagating.

Class-leading growth

Our results speak for themselves and can be viewed via the link below. Self-propagating growth is achieved via two key drivers:

  1. New Customer Acquisition: By delivering new ICP-aligned customers through gifting with zero CAC: (High-quality Customers brought to your business by your existing customers who know their needs and likes)
  2. Customer Retention: By delivering increased cardholder loyalty and spend through cardholder discounts and rewards.

Allied with “gifting” in VoucherCart, combining these elements results in self-propagating growth at levels that cannot be achieved through other card programs.

Why Cards?

Customer Acquisition

Cardholders bring new customers to your business through their gift purchases. These new customers are likely well-suited to your products and services. This reduces cost of new customer acquisition via cards to zero.

Customer Retention

Cards are configurable supporting a number of behaviours to incentivise your valued customers to spend and continually return to your brand. Greater brand loyalty can increase Customer Lifetime Value by up to 85%.

Brand Advocacy

Gift-giving and referring customers act as your brand advocates. This comes at no cost to your business being customer-driven. This can boost new customer acquisition by up to 150% because consumers view word-of-mouth marketing as more credible.

Native to VoucherCart Technology

The VoucherCart platform offers you a full suite of tools in our user-friendly dashboard where you can...

Activate and redeem cards

Download sales summary reports

Resend or replace lost cards

Load vouchers to cards and check balances

Simple, Powerful, Flexible

Multiple voucher loading

Customers can buy any eVoucher and load it to their card directly. There is no limit to the number of vouchers they can hold on a card at a given time.

Configurable Cardholder Benefits

Cards may be configured so that Carholders can access exclusive benefits. VoucherCart offers you flexibility to create a bespoke benefits offering.

Issue Card as a Refund Alternative

You can issue customers a pre-loaded card instead of a monetary refund. This can keep your customer tied to your business while providing due compensation.

Card Delivery and Fulfilment

VoucherCart takes care of order fulfilment for you. Cards are delivered automatically and directly to your customers.

Why your customers will love Cards?


Setting discounts as a card behaviour enables cardholders to benefit from a discount in-cart when buying eVouchers or monetary vouchers.

Cardholders can add discounted vouchers purchased to their own account/card or send them as gifts to friends, colleagues, or loved ones acquiring new and valuable customers for your business with zero CAC.

Hotel Du Vin Reloadable Card from VoucherCart


It's hard to place a value on the importance of how your customers feel about your business. Luxurious design and packaging options for our cards provide customers with a feeling of priority and exclusivity.

This sense of belonging and value for the Cardholder, combined with cardholder exclusive rewards enables reliable customer retention.

Ease of Use

Fitting neatly into any purse or wallet each card can store unlimited vouchers in one place, easily accessed via the cardholders online cardholder account.

Cardholders simply present their card for use on premises to be scanned when redeeming/buying vouchers or enter their details when using their card online and the system does the rest.

Grow Your Business with Cards

VoucherCart support engineer assisting a customer

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Frequently asked questions

Costs vary depending on the type of cards required, the number of cards in your order, and whether you wish them shipped to your location(s) v’s issued by VoucherCart fulfillment. Please book a call with us to obtain a firm quotation.

Yes, the minimum order quantity is 1000 cards per order.

You should first have an active VoucherCart Account, or register for an account before ordering. You will then be able to consult with our sales team to establish your card requirements and obtain a firm quotation and delivery timeframe before placing your order(s).

Yes. The sales team will configure your account to support card sales and redemption together with enabling any/all appropriate card features in accordance with your agreed card behaviours.