Why work with VoucherCart FaceBook and Instagram Ads Team?

Facebook and Instagram voucher ads comparison graph

1. Scale Advantage

With thousands of businesses worldwide selling through our platform and Facebook and Instagram Voucher Ads account, this means that when it comes to voucher sales – we deliver results no one else can… and at much a lower cost.  Only 10% of your total ad spend!

The volume/scale of ads we run for our valued clients matched with the way we aggregate our ads means more sales achieved per $ of your ad spend. In fact, we deliver up to 5x more ad impressions and sales conversions per ad than any other service provider.

High street Ads Agencies simply cannot match this performance (See comparison graph)

2. Experience

We know the voucher sales industry better than anyone else, when it comes to running Facebook and Instagram ads, we deliver industry-leading results. We have the data, we have the expertise, and we have the know-how. 

And as an official Facebook Voucher Technology Partner, your business will automatically be featured on Facebook to your local community (based on the Facebook user’s ZIP code or Postcode)

So if you’re selling discounted or extra value vouchers for your Hotel, Spa, Leisure, Restaurant, or Retail business, VoucherCart knows exactly where the buyers are and our ad targeting is second to none. 

3. Results

Ads that focus on voucher sales conversions are the only ads we manage for our valued clients, so VoucherCart’s Facebook and Instagram data and mailing lists are exclusively comprised of voucher buyers located globally across hotel, restaurant, spa, leisure, and retail business products and services.

Better still, with our vast buyer data history we also know exactly what each buyer purchased so as a result, we are able to target voucher buyers with a higher degree of accuracy and resolution than anyone else.

  • Looking to sell a spa weekend for two in Dubai? We’ll target the people who have purchased from our vast network of clients in the past.
  • Meal for two in an upmarket London restaurant? We’ve got you covered.
  • Skydiving in California? We know just the group!
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It’s easy, fast, and results focused. What we provide is shown below.

  • "Hands-free service" (Fully Managed)
  • Select up to 3 vouchers per month to promote via Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Vouchers should be 15%+ Discount or Extra Value (Not Mandatory however strongly recommended for best results)
  • All vouchers promoted must be > 30 Days+ (ie. 30-40 Days Limited-time, Countdown timer displayed vouchers.)

VoucherCart charges a market-leading low 10% of your Total Ad Spend per month. 

You decide your budget. You can spend from £500 to £10,000/month in £500 increments (Min Spend:  £500/month)

Yes.  Your Monthly Ad Spend must be in the range:  £500 (Min) to £10,000 (Max) per month. For higher budgets please book a call to discuss your needs.

  • You can run up to a total of 3 voucher ads per month
  • Min Period of Ads campaign: 3 Months
  • Min monthly budget = £500
  • All vouchers promoted must be 15%+ (Discounted or Extra Value)

You will need to have an active VoucherCart Account (Business, Pro, or Enterprise) in order to participate in our voucher ads program.

If you do not already have a VoucherCart Account, please register first.

  1. You need to book a Voucher Ads Consultancy call with our team 1st: Book a call
  2. You'll receive a simple 1-minute online questionnaire after booking which you should complete before your scheduled call
  3. Select your monthly budget (£500 to £10,000/month or currency equivalent) - Request meeting to budget more
  4. Our Ads Team will review and approve your vouchers for promotion, provide advice and/or recommend changes during your Ads Consultation call.
  5. Your ads will start running on the 1st, 11th or 21st of the month.
  • You can notify the ads team of any changes to your ads campaigns at any time, to stop one or more voucher ads and start new ones.
  • Your selected budget should remain unchanged during the first 3-month period your ads are running. Should your voucher(s) sell out during this period, any/all remaining budget will be allocated to a campaign of your choosing. eg. Mailing list signups, brand awareness, or an alternative replacement offer(s).
  • Please provide us with at least 48 hours notice before the dates your ads are due to commence if you wish to add new vouchers for promotion or remove/stop existing ads you are running.
  • All new voucher ad campaigns are set to start for their full 30 Day promotional period on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month.
  • If you wish to cancel ALL ads you should advise us no later than 10 days before the end of your last month.

We always recommend a brief consultation with our Ads team prior to starting your monthly campaigns. This will allow us to review and discuss the vouchers you wish to run in your ads and highlight any areas for improvement to ensure the best results.

The ads team will also be able to advise you on the best type of vouchers to promote, based on your business sector and other specifics such as seasonality, buyer trends, and buyer habits. Additionally, our team can advise/assist with voucher naming, pricing, descriptions, imagery and other elements which our data suggests may have a positive impact on your ads performance.

NB: The longer you can keep an ad running without any changes, the more people will see your voucher ads (up to 5x), so when creating your vouchers to run in your ads, you should consider your voucher title, description, images, and pricing carefully so as to avoid the need for frequent changes.

Switching off an offer that has been bundled with other offers, will reset the learning phase of that ad. We don’t recommend that for optimum performance.

Any ad can be switched off instantly. (just allow up to 48 hours for us to receive your email and then go to the account and turn it off)

You may have a very clear idea of what vouchers you wish to start promoting in your 1st Months ads. Each month you can run up to 3 voucher ads, so if you have your preferred 3 vouchers all ready for us to review, that’s great.

However – Don’t worry if you are less clear.  Our service is “done for you”, and our pledge is to deliver results. The higher your sales – the happier we are, so we’ll discuss best-selling voucher types with you as relates to your business type, buyer habits, and trends during our session so that your ads achieve the greatest visibility and conversions for every $ of your ad spend.

Some key points/recommendations to consider:

  • Your vouchers should have a discount or extra value of 15%+. (Consider price structuring on your voucher to leverage this as high as you can as this is a key factor in conversions/buyer decision)
  • All vouchers should have a Countdown Timer Applied. (Don't worry - our team will ensure this is active)
  • Your voucher titles should be enticing to the buyer.
  • Spend time crafting your voucher description for buyers so it's unambiguous and inviting, and so that the buyer has no questions unanswered which may prevent them from making their decision to buy.
  • Apply good quality images to your voucher that reflect the services/products to which your voucher relates. (NB: Just ask us if you need us to provide help with images as we have millions of high-quality stock images for every voucher type.)

NB: Our Ads Team will review and approve each of your vouchers prior to scheduling your ads to go-live and will assist/advise on any recommended changes, however following the above guide and preparing your vouchers before your scheduled Voucher Ads Call will be helpful for our team, save time, and ensure we can approve your vouchers faster.

Thank you in advance.