The Recurring Deal Strategy (Monthly or Seasonal)

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you a sales strategy using VoucherCart which will guarantee sustained sales growth for your business with zero fuss and effort.

What follows below is rocket-fuel for your sales – quick, easy and very simple to do…and if you follow this approach your sales will grow and your business will steadily and reliably acquire more new and returning customers. It just works:)

First we’ll show you the strategy, and why it works so well. Then the 3 quick steps below show how to do it. You can be underway same time tomorrow.

The basic premise is simple, as follows:
  • You'll create a SUPER-Deal voucher which will go on sale at the beginning of next month.
  • You'll email your entire customer database with an ATTENTION GRABBER, SUPER-DEAL email.  The email will contain a link direct to buy the SUPER-DEAL voucher (a voucher almost anyone can use like a Monetary voucher with extra for FREE, or a discount).  In the same email, you announce that this SUPER-Deal voucher is the 1st in a series of Monthly recurring Deal promotions and tell the recipients to follow you on Facebook/Twitter to receive news of each monthly Deal.
  • You'll schedule a recurring auto-promotion of the 1st SUPER-DEAL voucher as a limited-time deal/offer (with limited quantity available for sale if you wish) via your social media from VoucherCart dashboard.
  • Let the VoucherCart sales engine work it's magic.
“Delivering results without fail for our clients in a range or market sectors, this is a go-to strategy for any business owner, successful marketeer or revenue manager, for whom results and sales matter most.” – D MacLennan (CEO)

The frequency with which your business offers deals/promotions will vary depending on your type of business, and indeed if your business strategy is to never discount your products or services or offer added value at all, then this is not for you.  For everyone else… Read on.

For some it may be Seasonal. (Spring Offer, Summer Offer etc.)  and for others more frequent than monthly, however the principal remains the same – and it works fantastically.


Just sit back and watch the sales come in.

So let’s get started

Just follow these 3 steps below

Example of VoucherCart limited time offer

Step 1: Create a deal where you offer something extra for FREE, or a discount.

Make a great offer each month. Remember the issue here is not making money so much on the sale itself but volume – traffic to your voucher pages/eyes on your business, shares to friends and family, and more people in your business.

More than 90% of people spend more than the value of their voucher, and if there are deals to be had each month, they’ll be back again:)

Watch Video: How to create a limited-time offer

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.

Graphic showing automated voucher promotion with VoucherCart

Step 2: Set your monthly deal voucher to auto-promote

Automate posting of the deal from your VoucherCart dashboard to your Facebook and Twitter accounts starting at the end of each month running into the month during which the offer is available for buyers.

(eg. Set 1st post date for 29th of the month repeating on say Tuesday and Friday around 5pm to repeat weekly 2 times. Your post will go out automatically taking buyers directly from your Facebook and Twitter to the voucher to buy in cart 4 times in total starting 29th of each month and finishing promotion 2 weeks into the next month.)

Your schedule can be the same every month. In fact that’s what you want to keep to because people are creatures of habit. They will tune in to the rhythm of your super-deal promotions each month and a percentage of all buyers will become repeat buyers.

Watch Video: How to Auto-Promote a voucher
Graphic showing email text to use for voucher announcement

Step 3: Email your customer database to announce the start of Monthly Deals

Send an email to your customer database to tell them the Hot News. This is key – the email should be brief and to the point and read something like the example opposite.

If you need help with adding voucher links to your emails, just ask your Account Manager for help:)

Now let’s take a closer look at what’s really happening here and why the Monthly Deal Strategy executed in this way delivers sustained results like no other.

When we notify our customer-base via email in Step 3 above, we’re doing a few things which at first glance are perhaps less than obvious, but are in-fact VERY powerful.

  • We’re telling them that EVERY month there will be a super-deal on offer. (You can send a similar reminder email every few months if you wish)
  • We’re taking them from the email > straight to the 1st Month’s SUPER-Deal/offer so they can buy it directly, and if it’s truly a hot deal – they will buy.
  • They’ll share the email with friends, family and colleagues, bringing increased exposure and sales for your business.
  • The timing of the email is end of month-beginning of month is key – (when most people get paid their salary) so their propensity to buy and disposable income is at it’s highest.

Perhaps most important of all – and now that they are aware that your SUPER-Deal sale will recur with monthly frequency, and that it’s HOT, we’re actually preparing them for a monthly recurring purchase event – an event which they will attend. If the 1st months deal is irresistibly hot, there’s a better than average chance they’ll be back next month too.  In this way we are keying our customers into the rhythm of a monthly or other frequency recurring sales event – AND BEST OF ALL – You’re in control.

Additional benefits are:

  1. You are raising awareness of the fact you sell vouchers outside of the deals themselves because while they are viewing your deal, they’ll see your other voucher offers available for purchase. They now know what you offer and exactly where to come to buy. You’ll be foremost in their minds when it comes to last minute purchases for birthday gifts, general gifts for friends or loved ones and seasonal buying for Christmas. Deal or otherwise.
  2. If you’re using VoucherCart loyalty, your buyers will have 2% credit to use further securing the likelihood they’ll return and buy again.

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