How to use discount codes in VoucherCart for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

Let’s look at how to quickly and easily turbo-charge your sales using discount codes in VoucherCart for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period.

Last week we showed you how to use Limited-Time Offers and promote them in VoucherCart to maximise sales during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales window. This week we’re looking at discount codes as a further strategy which can be used either in conjunction or separately. Either way, discount codes are a tried and tested means of leveraging sales year-round, and the Black Friday sales period is tailor-made for discount codes…so let’s jump into it.

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Strategy 2

Discount Code promotion via email, website and social media

3 Steps - 15 Mins Duration

and it's that simple...  Just sit back and watch the sales come in.

Step 1: Create your discount code(s)

First create your code(s). This step takes 2 minutes in your dashboard.  The discount code can then be used by your customers to obtain discount on one or more of your vouchers for sale.

Step 2: Email your Customer Database

Now tell your audience via email. Get 25% off XService or Product. Limited-Time Deal. etc. using discount code BF0211

Step 3: Social-promote your voucher from your dashboard

Set your auto-promotion schedule for your voucher via Facebook and Twitter.  Choose a voucher to promote and add the code as accompanying text.

So let’s get started

Just follow these 3 steps below

Step 1: Create your Discount Code.

Your Black Friday Discount Code can be a percentage of fixed price discount applied to all your vouchers of just a few. You decide.

Your discount level should be enticing to the buyer to have their finger hovering on the buy button.

The video here shows you exactly how to create a discount code.

Watch Video: How to create a single discount code

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.

Step 2: Send your code notification email.

Let’s remind ourselves the objective here is to drive sales, so besides providing your customers with he code to use to get their discount.

  • Be sure to add a link to your voucher sales page or the specific voucher or voucher category where discount code can be used.
  • If you set limit to discount codes used, then let them know that there will be limited numbers available
  • If you set a limited time in which to gain the discount, tell them when the discount period ends.

Ideally you should be sending the email out to your customer database from a bulk email platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact/Other and do so around 17th November (Around 5-7 days before 23rd November – Black Friday).

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.

Black Friday Discount Code notification email

Step 3: Set a voucher to auto-promote via your social media

With automated voucher promotion scheduling, you can set any voucher to be promoted to Facebook and/or Twitter at any time and to recur at any set frequency.

So in this case you want to choose a voucher to promote on Black Friday and end after 7 days or so promotion 2 or 3 times over the 7 day period through Cyber Monday. Choose days and times which you think will suit your audience, and remember to add the discount code to the message text accompanying the voucher promotion.

The promotion scheduler puts you in complete control.

Watch Video: How to Auto-Promote a voucher

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