To combat the adverse financial impact businesses are experiencing from Coronavirus, we’ve assembled the following hit-list of voucher and gift card strategies to help our valued clients drive quick revenue into their businesses and stem the tide of losses forecast.

The options we’ve provided below are easy to implement and work well irrespective of your business sector. They will assist your business to decrease and even eliminate financial losses resulting from cancellations and refunds during the uncertain weeks and months ahead, and to drive revenue quickly into your business by leveraging value-added offers.

Scenario: Customer requesting refund due to Coronavirus/Inability to travel/Other governmental imposed restriction.

If you are experiencing high volumes of refund requests for booking and stays, rather than REFUND the customer, you can issue each customer with a COMPLIMENTARY voucher for the amount of their booking, with validity up to 3 years.

How to issue a Complimentary or Free Voucher

Just select CHARITY or FREE option @ 1:35 in the video example above.

Extend Voucher Validity/Usage Window

Ensure continued sales of your current vouchers by simply extending their usage window

See example: Set voucher usage window

Scenario: Customer request to canceling booking/reservation

The customer has a booking or reservation however no payment has been received for services.

Rather than simply accept the cancellation – Incentivize customers to purchase a voucher with a value add, i.e spend £50 get £65 usable value.

See example: Value added monetary voucher

Act Now: Generate new income

Set up time-limited special offers, with a countdown timer displayed in order to entice customers to purchase a deal within the next 4 weeks. To address the likely delay in usage enforced by the prevalent Coronavirus conditions, you may choose to set your voucher usage window accordingly.  (eg. Set usage window so that the vouchers are not usable until 1st July 2020 and valid for 24 months thereafter. )

Set-up a Limited-Time Value-Added Offer

Instil buyer confidence by extending expiry dates to up to 3 years, in addition to offering extra value on vouchers.  

VoucherCart also allows you to set up discount codes for use across all of your vouchers or a select few. 

Set-up Discount Codes

If you need further assistance simply contact the team via chat from your VoucherCart account dashboard or at