Why voucherizing your products and services delivers real business growth

In business, it goes without saying that you need to sell what you offer effectively and to the best of your potential using the resources you have available.

That’s to say making sure your products and services are in simple terms:

  • Clearly explained and showcased to the largest audience possible.
  • Saleable quickly and easily, all of the time. (ie. your customers can buy right now! as you’re reading this.)
  • Geared towards new customer acquisition of the right type of customer for your business.

This article illustrates just how important voucher sales are as a revenue stream for your business, and why they are instrumental as a means of delivering real and sustained business growth.

If you are business for whom what you sell can be voucherized (ie. Your customers can buy what you offer as a gift for someone else), you have a website showcasing the products/services you offer, and what you offer is not available for purchase right now, you are not selling effectively, and your business is losing potential revenue.

Of course there are many businesses for whom the above does not apply, however if you sell products and/or services to consumers the chances are you can voucherize what you offer. That’s some 75% or all private businesses.

The good news is that provided you have a website, email and a social media profile, you have almost all the resources you need. There’s one more thing you need however, to pull this all together into a truly powerful and flexible selling machine. That’s VoucherCart – and if your serious about growing your business I’d recommend you proceed directly to registering for an account today. It’s a revelation!

However, grasping the value of the voucher concept for business growth here is key, so let’s break it down.

Take a step back from your product/service offerings and ask yourself:

Am I making the most revenue possible from my products/services, and more specifically am I making the most of the how we sell them?

The effectiveness of the voucher concept

Let’s consider what makes vouchers such a powerful tool for generating business growth.

  • The humble gift voucher is a easily saleable commodity. Most of the products/services you do (or don’t) take direct payment for on-line via your website, social channels and email can be packaged and sold as vouchers. Very Easily – Everywhere.
  • The gift voucher is the single most profitable item your business can sell. Period. You receive payment in advance for a product/service you do not deliver for up to 3 months (the average redemption time from date of sale for a voucher). 15-20% of all voucher sales on average are never redeemed at all.
  • Gift vouchers are viral by their very nature. Consider every voucher sale as a new customer acquisition for your business with payment in full, up-front.
  • With voucher sales you get more of the RIGHT kind of customer for your business. The vast majority of people buy vouchers for other people. Hence, a voucher sale is like a vote of confidence in your business from one person to another, where the buyer is often someone who already knows and has experienced what you offer. What’s more they have a friend, family member or colleague they think will enjoy what you offer too. In the modern world of targeted new customer acquisition – this is about as good as it gets.

Consider voucherzing the products/services you offer and making these easy to buy via your website, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and of course sell them to existing and new customers via email.   VoucherCart makes that easy.

Consider assembling your products/services together in a way so as to provide an ‘Experience’ for your buyers. People love an experience as something new and different taking them to a place outside the realms of their daily routine. It may involve pampering, luxury, or a sporting activity followed by a meal and relaxation/spa. Use your imagination and be creative and provide your buyers with ‘Experiences’. These are great gifts and serve well to bolster your business year-round as anniversary or birthday gifts as well as the obvious Christmas present.

Vouchers are a major tool in driving business growth for two principle reasons:

  1. Vouchers are viral (New customer acquisition)

For the most part people buy vouchers for other people, not themselves, so a voucher is nearly always for a new customer. You then have the chance to retain that new customer and if you use a system like VoucherCart it gets better still as you can encourage that voucher holder to in turn buy a voucher for one of their friends/family/colleague for real earnings. And so it continues. ie. truly viral sales.

  1. Highest possible profit per sale

You take direct advance payment for something you have not supplied yet (up to 12 months before you supply it), so it’s great for cashflow, AND you have the bonus that statistically 15-20% of vouchers sold go unredeemed. Yes, that’s right. Money for free. That stacks up to the highest possible profit from the products/services you sell.

VoucherCart combines an extremely powerful combination of auto-promotion technology (vouchers are auto-promoted via web, social media and email), with in-built loyalty for voucher buyers matched with a viral sales process incentivising the voucher recipient to become a voucher buyer in turn.

For more help and advice on voucherizing your products/services and selling vouchers effectively, contact VoucherCart on 00 +44 (0)131 608 0008 or just visit https://vouchercart.com