Stock Exchange Hotel

Located in the heart of Manchester, The Stock Exchange Hotel’s stunning architecture offers guests an exquisite experience. From magnificent fine dining by Tom Kerridge to luxury suites, The Stock Exchange Hotel is a symbol of modern opulence.

The Stock Exchange Hotel provides guests with a luxurious boarding experience in one of the city’s most awe-inspiring buildings. Set in what was once Manchesters’ economic epicenter, The Stock Exchange Hotel boasts striking Edwardian Baroque architecture complete with grand archways and domed ceilings.

The exquisite interior of this iconic hotel is only outdone by its dedicated team who work around the clock to curate the best experience for every guest. Co-owners Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs opened the doors of their boutique hotel to NHS staff during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic free of charge. Front line workers who needing to self-quarantine were offered complimentary stays in the luxury Stock Exchange Hotel.

Established in 1906, The Stock Exchange Hotel was built as a symbol of Manchester’s confidence in the future. Today, they continue to fulfill this purpose. Its chauffeur and shoe-shine services act to honour tradition as well as the Hotel’s rich history. A state of the art Gym, personal trainer, and even a makeup artist ensures that The Stock Exchange Hotel represents modernity in every aspect.

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