Using VoucherCart with Oracle Opera

Redeem or sell vouchers and gift cards directly in Oracle Opera PMS, and more...

Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA is recognised globally as the leading property management platform with thousands of businesses in over 100 countries utilizing its services. Opera PMS is designed to integrate with all the major hotel systems, including point-of-sale (POS), reservation, inventory, and housekeeping.

Opera PMS simplifies and streamlines hotel operations, providing visibility and control to hotel staff to manage all daily operations from one place. With its intuitive modular approach and user-friendly interface, Opera PMS enables property managers, front office personnel, and other staff to access the system quickly and easily.

VoucherCart’s integration with Opera takes your guest experience to the next level.

VoucherCart updates a customer’s reservation balance directly when redeeming a voucher or gift card from your dashboard. The reservation balance is adjusted according to the value of the voucher redeemed.

Search guest reservations using the guest’s name, room number, arrival date, or reservation/confirmation reference directly in VoucherCart so you don’t have to switch between platforms or duplicate data.

Integration compatible with Opera Cloud only, if you are unsure please contact your Oracle Opera representative for more information.

How to get started

Start a or contact us by phone at 0131 608 0111 or by email at [email protected]

Integration Benefits

1. Ease of Use

See details of vouchers/gift cards used and their values associated directly to transactions for clear financial data. Search reservations by guests name, room number, arrival date, or reservation/confirmation reference

2. Save Time and Money

Redeem your customer's vouchers and gift cards against their reservation directly from VoucherCart

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VoucherCart x Oracle Opera System Documentation

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The documentation covers how to install, and configure Oracle Opera gift cards and vouchers for your hotel and hospitality services, and provides a helpful guide on how to sell and redeem vouchers and gift cards.


User Tutorials & Guides

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