The Spa market is now huge business and is still growing. With both men and women spending more on their personal appearance than ever before this is a very healthy market sector to be in.

Spa vouchers are without doubt one of the most popular Gift Voucher sales. With online sales now accounting for a huge percent of this market it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are now offering Online Gift Vouchers for Spa’s. We all like to be treated to a day, or weekend of pampering and so our husbands, wives, partners and friends are continually spending in this field offering their loved ones a Spa voucher to go pamper!

So who is Buying Online Gift Vouchers for Spa’s?

Answer – Everyone and anyone!

Spa gift vouchers are also hugely popular with Hen Parties. It is a growing trend to “Spa” with your girlfriends as part of your Hen Day/Weekend. Bridesmaids all over the country are now buying Online Spa Gift Vouchers for the Bride-to-be as part of their wedding gift to her.

Spa’s offer something for everyone from a relaxing massage to manicures and pedicures, and for the more masculine types perhaps a Sports Massage. We live in an era where we are striving to make the most of our appearance. This means looking after our skin through facials to more in depth treatments such as laser and botox where we can achieve visibly younger, clearer skin.

The beauty of being able to buy a Spa voucher online is you can buy it instantly and have it emailed directly to yourself or the person you are buying it for without the hassle of having to wait on the Spa preparing it for you then posting it out. It is such an easy process. Hotels and Spa’s can create as many spa experience options as they wish, from monetary value amounts to offering a day’s pamper packages. There is no limit to the number of choices you can create and offer your customer, in fact the more choice they have the better chance you will have of them buying from you.

A Spa voucher makes the ideal Birthday, Christmas, Valentine and Anniversary present, or just to show the person in your life that you love and appreciate them…They then have the freedom to decide when they would like to use it, rather than you have to book a day and decide on what treatment you think they might enjoy. It is a much more flexible option all round and no wonder that online sales are growing.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start selling to this growing market instead of losing out to competitors!