Using VoucherCart with MEWS PMS

Redeem or sell vouchers and gift cards directly in MEWS Hotel PMS, and more...

Mews is a market leading cloud-based property management platform used by thousands of hotels, hostels and hospitality operators globally. Designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests, from booking to check-out, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected.

VoucherCart’s integration with Mews allows vouchers and gift cards sold to be associated to a guest profile as an external payment method, allowing for seamless accounts reconciliation and recording of redeem/usage against guest transactions.

– Supports updating of Mews Guest Profile directly from your VoucherCart account
– Voucher order details added to guest profiles automatically upon purchase

How to get started

  1. Register via the MEWS APP Marketplace
  2. Sign-Up at the top of the page, and connect your Mews Account in your VoucherCart Account Dashboard.

Integration Benefits

1. Revenue Growth

VoucherCart delivers reliable high-profit revenue growth, month on month, year on year.

2. Acquisition & Retention

Acquire and retain more of the RIGHT type of customer for your business.

3. Seamless Integration

Gift card, voucher, ticket and membership redeem/usage seamlessly connected to your guest checkout and back-office data.

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VoucherCart x MEWS System Documentation

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The documentation covers how to install, and configure MEWS gift cards and vouchers for your hotel and hospitality services. You’ll be able to access helpful guides and video tutorials showing you how to sell and redeem vouchers and gift cards as well as reporting and more.


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