In this hotel gift voucher sales case study, we’ll look at how Loch Lomond Hotel in the UK have worked with us here at VoucherCart to generate triple digit sales revenue growth across the business, and how we’ve been able to achieve reliable and sustained hotel revenue growth.

The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel is a unique destination located on the beachfront at Luss. It enjoys magnificent panoramic views over Scotland’s favourite Loch for luxury waterfront accommodation.

“In 2017 so far we’re 265% up on last year’s sales. More than treble where we started.”

VoucherCart is a sales engine, and among the most powerful eCommerce platforms available to hotel and leisure businesses today. It has an API, can be integrated with EPOS/Back-office Accounts and other 3rd Party software, but at it’s simplest – it’s an easy to use, low cost sales technology which works day and night driving sales, winning new and customers for hotel business owners and management around the world.

VoucherCart works by selling a hotel’s accommodation, spa, restaurant, leisure and other services, as vouchers, tickets, packages and offers across all the hotel’s digital channels – their website, their social media and email. It uses simple automation to do this from an easy to use dashboard, so that each product/service or package the hotel provides is available and purchasable in voucher form and is promoted through the hotel’s digital channels and available for sale at exactly the right times (or all the time if appropriate) and in the right places to maximise sales revenue.

Background – What the Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel wanted to achieve

“We were looking for a cost effective online voucher option and many of the others that we researched and considered involved a more expensive overall fee and commission.”

Sandra Cunningham, Sales Manager, Lodge on Loch Lomond

 The Engagement

Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager who engages with our clients at sign-up and is responsible for all aspects of VoucherCart system usage and sales growth on an on-going basis.  

One of our experienced Hotel Sector Account Managers worked with the Hotel Management to identify and voucherize appropriate products and services across the business. View vouchers currently available at Lodge on Loch Lomond.

VoucherCart is a sales engine and uses powerful automation technology to promote specific vouchers, packages/offers and more at differing times of day/week through our clients digital channels throughout the year, so the Account Manager liaised with Hotel Management and Web Development to connect the Loch Lomond Hotel website, social media accounts, email and payment gateway to their account.

With these tasks completed, and a selection of vouchers created, the power and flexibility of VoucherCart’s promotion and sales automation can be realised.  In the case of Lodge on Loch Lomond, the efficient communication of the required logins and permissions from the team enabled set-up to be achieved within 48 hours of sign-up.

“There are no risks or heavy fees involved with VoucherCart, as they don’t tie you into any agreement. We would definitely recommend VoucherCart to any business that is either selling vouchers, or would like to start selling vouchers. It is an easy to use system that will generate growth for your business.”

Results & Feedback: Hotel gift voucher sales case study

“Since joining VoucherCart our experience has been very positive and the changes and improvements made along the way have helped with our overall sales and use of the platform. We achieved an impressive 150% growth in 2016 and our sales continue to grow. In 2017 so far we’re 265% up on last year’s sales. More than treble where we started.

The support and service level received is excellent, we have really appreciated all the assistance from the team at VoucherCart on ensuring we have everything selling that should be. This in turn has had a huge impact on overall sales.  We would not hesitate to recommend VoucherCart to other businesses looking to increase their online voucher sales.

Since discovering VoucherCart we have seen a very healthy growth in our voucher sales year round, but especially around gifting seasons. Our team love the fact that it has decreased their time involved and it is so easy for the customer who can now receive and print their vouchers immediately. Now all we have to do is redeem the voucher when the customer arrives and it is completely automated with VoucherCart handling the whole process.

We are delighted to be reaching customers we could not reach before and keeping up with our competitors on being able to have our customers purchase and print their voucher instantly or present them via mobile.

We have found VoucherCart to be an effective platform for managing our online voucher sales which previously had a time consuming manual process involved. It is a simple and effective sales tool for the customer and extremely easy to use for our team. The costs involved are much better than anything else we had found on the market.

The Lodge & The Inn on Loch Lomond continue to go from strength to strength with continued overall revenue growth. We are currently re-investing with a significant refurbishment at The Lodge on Loch Lomond which involves a new Lounge/Bar, Kitchen and bedroom project. We hope our guests will enjoy the fabulous new facilities on offer.

As a business we see continued growth in our Wedding and Leisure market, and hope for 2017 to focus on our non-resident dining sector which with the addition of our newly refurbished Kitchen should be a strategy we can focus on. We can use all of the marketing tools that come with VoucherCart to further enhance our results in this area.

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