How it works

On Facebook, businesses that currently have digital gift cards available through VoucherCart’s platform will have their gift cards automatically featured within the Facebook app.

Local businesses will be shown based on the user ZIP code or Postcode (within a five-mile radius) and the order of businesses shown will be randomized.

These are free and optional tools meant to support small and medium local businesses during this challenging period.

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The world is facing uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and we recognise the immense challenges that come with guiding a business through this time. Communities want to rally around the businesses they love, which is why VoucherCart wanted to let you know about new features Facebook is launching to help make it easier for people to support your business.

On Facebook, if you currently have digital gift cards available through VoucherCart, your business will automatically be featured on Facebook to your local community (based on the Facebook user’s ZIP code or Postcode).