Simply put – VoucherCart is a sales engine, and is without doubt among the most powerful systems for promotion and sales generation available on the market today.

In short…Whether you are selling vouchers for your business currently or not – if you have a business for which your products and services can be sold as vouchers then VoucherCart is your growth ticket. We deliver growth, and we deliver the right kind of customers too, without any of the problems associated with loss-leader third party voucher sales companies! Interested to know how? – Read on and find out.

Voucher sales are a proven means of generating extra valuable revenue for many businesses and are in fact the single most profitable commodity they can sell. There are a few key reasons for this:

  • Firstly a gift voucher sale is payment in advance (up to 6 months in advance as this is the average time at which the majority of vouchers are redeemed).
  • Secondly an average of some 85% of vouchers sold are never redeemed at all. Yes, that’s literally money for nothing!
  • Last but not least, (and something often overlooked) is that a significant proportion of the vouchers you sell represent the introduction of a new customer to your business. After all – they are ‘gift’ vouchers, so are in the vast majority of cases redeemed by someone other than the buyer who more often than not already knows your business. This means that a voucher recipient is often someone who has never experienced your business or used your products or services before.

Why is this so important?

A gift voucher is like a vote of confidence in your business from one person to another. When you buy a gift voucher for someone it’s like saying “I liked this businesses products/services, and I think you will too”. So here’s a gift voucher. Enjoy! That’s a growth opportunity in itself.

Let’s not forget that the voucher recipient is quite likely someone the buyer knows well, and therefore someone with similar tastes and buying preferences to their friend, colleague or family member who just referred then to your business by buying them a voucher.

From a target marketing perspective where customers of the right kind for your business are like gold-dust, this is about as good as it gets. Happy days:) Another customer of the right type for your business.

VoucherCart is Powerful, Flexible and Viral…

VoucherCart was built with this knowledge in mind, and positions the humble gift voucher as the principle vehicle used to drive growth for it’s customers. When slick automation technology, social promotion and viral behaviours are applied to the on-line voucher sales process, the results are spectacular. This is key to VoucherCart’s stellar results and what makes it such a formidable, flexible and powerful sales engine. You can voucher-ize just about any business within reason. Vouchers in and of themselves have a growth (new customer acquisition) component and if you add viral behaviours, complete automation and clever management and controls to that, the result is a powerful and flexible business tool for growth.

Here are just some of the reasons why voucher sales work so well and why VoucherCart should be your number one choice when it comes to selling your vouchers on-line…

Vouchers are popular and growing in popularity!

New research reveals the highest growth in consumer sales of gift cards and vouchers for several quarters.

Consumer gift card and voucher sales in the first quarter (Q1) of 2015 contributed to the significant 4.6% growth experienced across the industry in the same quarter, according to the latest statistics from The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA), the trade body representing the key players in the £4.7 billion gift voucher, cards and stored value solutions market. The report, compiled independently by consultants at Ernst & Young, shows that like-for-like consumer sales of gift cards and vouchers were up by 4.6% over the period of January-March 2015; an encouraging growth and the highest recorded over recent quarters.

Good News Travels Fast

Vouchers often offer deals or some form of benefit through added-value to the buyer! In any economic climate, deals are good news, and good news travels fast. Vouchers offers and deals on products and services are viral in nature and if you have something to offer your customers which is too good to miss, then the word will spread, increasing overall business exposure, footfall, and importantly sales of secondary/additional products and services.

VoucherCart makes the process of selling vouchers easy, efficient and viral

You can be selling vouchers the same day you sign-up. Our voucher creation wizard is a breeze, and if you get stuck there are easy to follow tutorials on-hand to make it even easier.

The old way of selling vouchers…

The majority of businesses handle voucher sales in an inefficient way.

Either they have a webpage on their web-site where the buyer can place their voucher order and checkout like they would buy any product on-line (traditional eCommerce/shopping basket process), or they sell them in-store, or both. In most cases it’s a manual (or part-manual) process where the seller receives an email to say a voucher order has been placed. The seller then fills-out a voucher card with the details of the voucher value, message to voucher recipient and any other expiry or usage details, fill in the postal address, place it in an envelope and send it by post. It’s labour intensive, prone to errors and even failure were the recipient doesn’t receive the voucher at all. Even if the sellers shopping cart is a high-end solution, the voucher purchase is still treated similarly to any other product checkout on-line with overly complex multi-step forms often gathering unnecessary information and even requiring account registration first, providing little or no idea for the buyer of what the voucher will look like for the recipient, and overall offering a fairly unfriendly and uninspired process for the buyer. If the voucher is sent by post it takes days or more to arrive. If it’s sent by email it will probably look like any other order received when you buy something on-line. Pretty dull and featureless.

Most voucher sales tools on-line or off-line are passive: they rely on the buyer finding a buy voucher link or page on the sellers website or calling a number to place a voucher order.

So there we have it…Passive, Inefficient, unnecessarily complex and awkward for the seller, and… dull, non-engaging, and overly-complex for the buyer.

And…These are just a few of the failings without getting into how poorly these mechanisms handle the voucher redemption process. There are numerous other ways in which traditional voucher sales fail to meet the needs of the buyer or seller.

The new way…

VoucherCart was built from the ground-up to sell vouchers and to do so effectively and efficiently making the process as quick and possible for both buyer and seller, as well as fun and engaging so the buyer feels they are creating something personal.

It’s designed to work all the time, everywhere, on any device, and be accessible and easy to use for all. It handles ALL steps in the process for the buyer, voucher recipient and seller even handling payment so that all the seller has to do is enter or scan the voucher number provided by the holder to redeem. It’s designed to look good, work fast and give you (the seller), the buyer, and the voucher recipient an efficient, error free and pleasurable experience that works for everyone and encourages more sales, time-after-time.

It’s viral too, so unlike passive voucher sales typical of “the old way” systems or processes mentioned above, VoucherCart acts like a voucher sales engine driving sales pro-actively through promotion on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media channels. This way VoucherCart GETS sales, instead of waiting for them to arrive.

VoucherCart 2.0 takes voucher sales to a whole new level offering loyalty ticks and benefits to encourage your voucher buyers (and recipients) to promote your vouchers to their friends, work colleagues and family. Awesome!