InterContinental Hotels have a rich history and offer guests supreme stays in some of the worlds most sought after locations. Their extensive portfolio of luxurious Hotels caters to every type of travel. Whether you want a relaxing beach stay on the Fijian sands, an impromptu shopping trip to the Champs-Élysées or you’re off to Singapore for a business trip, InterContinental curates the best experience for every guest.

For those who wish to stay a little longer, there are a range of InterContinental luxury residencies available from Saigon to Boston, Doha to Dubai. InterContinental also has a number of unique Spa Hotels and calming Island resorts where guests can unwind and relax among stunning scenery. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, InterContinentals newest hotels have continued to prosper.

Each hotel takes inspiration from the local settings and cultures as well as the surrounding cosmopolitan aesthetic. At its core, InterContinental is a refined hotel experience. Guests are guaranteed perfection wherever they choose to stay.

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