Here’s a guaranteed growth tip to leverage your sales throughout the Christmas period. What’s more…You can use it several times a year.

This is important! If you’re a premium brand this won’t fit your strategy but for everyone else it works very well indeed.

  1. Create one Mega-Deal xmas voucher offer which the buyer can’t resist and set the sales window so they are a limited time offer: (eg. Winter Mega-deal . Spend £100 and get £200 value and set a close date on your purchase window so the sale countdown timer is visible to buyers. This is your hook sale which you will email to your customer email lists (see 3 below)
  2. Once created, schedule posting of your Mega-Deal voucher to your Facebook and Twitter accounts at peak times using the auto-post tool in PROMOTIONS section of your VoucherCart dashboard.
  3. Email your customer base  with a link to the voucher offer to draw their attention to this showstopper pre-xmas deal (Mid to late November is ideal).


How this strategy works and why it gets results:

This is essentially a customer awareness strategy designed to drive as many customers as possible into your voucher sales area to view your voucher offers and buy. Whether they buy the Mega-Deal or not – The Mega-Deal is your hook, and is designed to:

  • Draw customers into your main voucher sales page where all your vouchers are displayed. While your visitors are in your voucher sales area they will browse your other vouchers and get ideas for friends and loved ones for the forthcoming xmas period.
  • Sell high volume. It’s a Mega-Deal after all, and this is the one you highlight in your email to your customer base. It’s a limited time offer too and the clock on the screen is ticking. This will further incentive purchases.
  • Get your your customers doing the hard work for you. They’ll forward your promotional email to others, re-tweet it, and post it and tell their friends.  In the world of Mega-Deals – Good news travels fast so you’ll get 2nd generation sales by referral on the back of your email campaign and posting campaign telling your customers about your Mega-Deal. Those visitors to your voucher sales page will also see your other vouchers. More awareness.


You may be giving away a great deal and perhaps make less margin than you may otherwise achieve on a standard offer, but you’ll get many more sales and you’ll also win in the medium and longer term with vastly improved exposure to your business and your other offers.

This strategy works very effectively when it’s repeated in a clear pattern – so build a rhythm of seasonal or monthly Mega-Deal promotion behaviour your customers can key into.  Do a mega-deal on the 1st weekend of every month just after payday, every 2 or 3 months, or seasonal – Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. Your buyers will come back to spend the loyalty they’ve earned, spread the word on your deal, and so it goes on.