How can I benefit from the Bulk Order Feature?

With Christmas just around the corner, our team at VoucherCart has been working hard on some amazing new features together with some minor adjustments and fixes across VoucherCart’s technology. One of these features includes bulk ordering. You can now issue vouchers to your valued customers and employees instantly and at scale with bulk orders.

Whether you want to reward your team, fulfil a high volume corporate order, or simply drive new customer acquisition and retention, vouchers are the perfect solution. Now, ordering and issuing vouchers in bulk has never been easier – allowing order and issuance straight from the VoucherCart dashboard in minutes.

Create and send up 10,000 vouchers in a single bulk order. The vouchers will be delivered instantly via email directly to you or to a list of recipients provided. Please note that the bulk order feature is currently in the BETA and supports digital issuance via email only at this time.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Ideal for growing a new customer email database or extending an existing one, and building new subscribers. The best way to achieve this is to offer incentives such as discounts or vouchers, which would attract people to subscribe to your newsletters. If you decide to reward your newsletter subscribers with a voucher, you can now do it through the bulk order feature.

This is a great strategy for customer acquisition and retention. For example, if you reward your subscribers with a monetary voucher, they are very likely to exceed the value of the voucher and spend more money. Also, if they are satisfied with your services, they might come back (with their friends or family too).

Employee Rewards

Great people make great workplaces. Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. Rewarding your team with gifts and incentives can be a significant factor for growing your business. Whether it's a Christmas bonus or a loyalty present, vouchers or gift cards are a great option to celebrate with your team.

With New Bulk Order feature, you can now purchase and send your gift vouchers in bulk to your employees and show them appreciation for their work.

Recompensation For Cancelled Events

As we all know, not everything always goes according to the plan, especially during these uncertain times. Whether you are a small business owner or a managing director at international hotel chain, there are just things that might badly affect your business which can't be foreseen.

Sending complimentary vouchers as a recompensation for cancelled mass events or bookings is a great way to maintain good relationship with your customers and increases the chance of them using your services again.

Create Bulk Orders Directly From Your Dashboard

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. Now you can order and instantly issue vouchers in bulk straight from your dashboard.

Instant voucher issuance and delivery at scale

Perfect for large corporate orders, employee rewards or customer gifts

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