How to drive voucher sales for your business over the Christmas sales window?

Voucher and gift card sales are the single most profitable sales your business can achieve, with payment in full and in advance, straight to the bank.

The reality of this comes sharply into focus during the months of November and December across Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and throughout the month of December, peaking in the last week before Christmas when businesses who have taken the time to be organised can reap stellar rewards.

For those of you who do not have a solid strategy in place for the Xmas sales window, or for those newly registered with VoucherCart, the tips below will ensure you can make the most of the sales opportunity this month. You can complete them in less than 10 minutes.

Benefits of Selling Experiences This Christmas🎄

collage experiences

Experiences are exciting!

After another tough year, we’re all wanting something to look forward to, whether that be an overnight stay at a luxury hotel or bungee jumping in high mountains.

people taking selfie at christmas market

Memories last forever.

Experiences offer more value to customers. Physical gifts come and go, but special experiences are remembered forever.

romantic christmas stay

Sharing is caring!

Living a memorable experience with friends or loved ones strengthens our social bonds and brings us closer together.

How To Maximise Your Voucher Sales This Christmas?

This strategy uses a “hook deal” to drive buyers to your voucher sales page where your business will gain buyer exposure to ALL your vouchers.

Step 1: Create your Hook Deal.

Create one or more discounted or Extra Value vouchers as a limited-time offer with a Count-down timer running which ends just before Xmas. Alternatively, you can create a discount code.

Step 2: Email your customers.

Now announce your Christmas voucher or discount code to your audience via email. "Get 25% off X Service or Product. Limited-Time Deal. Use discount code XMAS2021"

Step 3: Promote your Deal.

Set your auto-promotion schedule for your voucher via Facebook and Twitter.  Choose a voucher to promote and add the code as accompanying text. For maximum results, opt-in for the Paid Voucher Ads Programme.

So let’s get started 🎁

Just follow these 3 steps below:

Step 1: Create your Christmas Deal.

This can be a limited-time offer/extra value voucher or just a simple discount code. You can create vouchers from scratch or you can save time by cloning our pre-made vouchers into your dashboard and customise them to your needs. Find out more.

Your Christmas Discount Code can be a percentage of fixed price discount applied to all your vouchers of just a few. You decide. Your discount level should be enticing to the buyer to have their finger hovering on the buy button.

Your Christmas offer is your “Hook Deal”. If your offer is strong enough, buyers will flock to your voucher sales page. Some (hopefully many) will make a purchase, or several purchases of your offer/deal, however, everyone who lands on your voucher sales page to view your deal will see all the other standard price vouchers your business has for sale.

Your business will gain massive exposure to the range of vouchers you offer and achieve cross-sells during the Christmas sales period. Better yet, those buyers will be aware of the range of options your business has to offer and the seed of inspiration for a future birthday, anniversary or any other gift for their friends and loved ones will be planted.

This strategy works very effectively when it’s repeated in a clear pattern – so build a rhythm of seasonal or monthly Mega-Deal promotion behaviour your customers can key into.  Do a mega-deal on the 1st weekend of every month just after payday, every 2 or 3 months, or seasonal – Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn. Your buyers will come back to spend the loyalty they’ve earned, spread the word on your deal, and so it goes on.

You may be giving away a great deal and perhaps make less margin than you may otherwise achieve on a standard offer, but you’ll get many more sales and you’ll also win in the medium and longer term with vastly improved exposure to your business and your other offers.

Step 2: Email your customers.

Once your Christmas Offer is created (whether it is a voucher or a discount code), it is time to email your customers and encourage them to take advantage of the deal.

This can be a simple text email or an eye-catching HTML example like the one here. Let’s remind ourselves the objective here is to drive sales, whether it is your Christmas Offer voucher or other vouchers on your sales page. So, be sure to include a link to your voucher sales page or the specific voucher or voucher category in your email.

If you set a limit to discount codes used, then let them know that there will be limited numbers available. If you set a limited time offer, tell them when the discount period ends and be sure to include a countdown timer.

christmas voucher email promotion

People love an experience as something new and different taking them to a place outside the realms of their daily routine. Use your imagination and be creative to provide your buyers with unique experiences. These are great gifts and serve well to bolster your business not only during the festive period but all year-round as anniversary or birthday gifts.

Step 3: Set your Christmas deal to auto-promote via your Social Media.

With automated voucher promotion scheduling, you can set any voucher to be promoted to Facebook and/or Twitter at any time and to recur at any set frequency. The promotion scheduler puts you in complete control.

So in this case you want to set your voucher to promote as soon as possible and end just before or after Christmas Day. For optimal performance, set your voucher to auto-promote 2 or 3 times a week. Choose days and times which you think will suit your audience and watch the traffic coming into your sales page.

VoucherCart combines an extremely powerful combination of auto-promotion technology (vouchers are auto-promoted via web, social media and email), with in-built loyalty for voucher buyers matched with a viral sales process incentivising the voucher recipient to become a voucher buyer in turn. Truly viral sales!

That's it! Happy Selling!

I hope you found this guide useful and you will use the features mentioned above to maximise your voucher selling potential this festive season.

VoucherCart’s significant and ongoing investment in our technology ensures we continue to lead the field and provides monthly software releases and improvements for our clients worldwide – completely free of charge.

Feel free to explore more features that you might find beneficial for your Christmas campaigns by clicking the button below.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the VoucherCart team!