Sabai Thai Spa Online Revenue Growth 


Sabai Thai Spa, a healing and spa business, have utilised vouchers and gift cards to drive sales and grow their revenue and profit throughout 2020 – perhaps the most challenging year for business in modern history. In this case study, we’ll look at Sabai Thai Spa’s voucher sales strategy and how they increased sales by a whopping 2959% between April and November. 

Offering its customers luxury spa services influenced by east-Asian traditions and European techniques, Sabai Thai Spa has five locations across British Columbia, with three Spas in Vancouver alone. In 2019, Sabai Thai Spa won the Best Luxury Day Spa in North America award. Sabai Thai Spa has received the Best Business of the Year award by ThreeBest Rated from 2018 to 2020. 

Their services include facials, Thai massage, various oil massages, hand exfoliation, reflexology and many more treatments. You may be asking yourself, how is it possible for a business whose services rely heavily on touch to have rapidly increased their sales over a period of time when physical contact became strictly prohibited? The answer is that Sabai Thai Spa overcame this year’s challenges and achieved a seemingly impossible goal through prepaid voucher and gift card sales. 

The old process was very time consuming and it could take up to two weeks for everything to be completed, and that was not efficient. Especially as a marketing coordinator, we want to make sure that everything is fast.

Momo Tansayni, Director of Marketing at Sabai Thai Spa.

Why did you choose to work with VoucherCart? 

Sabai Thai’s Director of Marketing Momo had been using different voucher vendors for the past decade, however, she found that these platforms did not offer much flexibility. As a result, Momo and the marketing department did not feel in control of the voucher and gift card creation process. In order for Momo and the team to customise “all the little details” on their vouchers, they had to reach out to various vendors, which was very time-consuming.

Strategy and Implementation

After finding VoucherCart online, making an account and creating their first vouchers, Momo and the marketing team instantly had the freedom to design Sabai Thai Spa vouchers and gift cards the way they wanted. They were able to sell treatments as pre-paid vouchers with total freedom and control over how they described, priced, designed and promoted their vouchers. Sabai Thai Spa began to regularly promote vouchers through their Facebook platform, linking each voucher back to their VoucherCart sales page. They connected MailChimp to their VoucherCart account to easily target and promote their vouchers to large customer databases.

As a highly reputable Spa business in British Columbia, Sabai Thai Spa already had many popular spa packages. Momo and the team did not have to get rid of their popular legacy offers, instead, they simply created these packages inside their VoucherCart platform, complete with all the same images and wording.


As the revenue growth graph below shows clearly, Sabai Thai Spa has seen massive growth in online revenue since the creation of their first voucher in late January 2020.  In November alone, the business generated 28% of their annual online revenue through the sale of over 1000 vouchers. As part of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign, the Sabai Thai Spa team promoted ‘extra-value’ vouchers and discounted their most popular packages for a limited period. Momo valued the promotional tools available on the VoucherCart platform, such as the countdown timer, to further market the Spa’s offers during this highly lucrative sales window.

One voucher package, in particular, was extremely popular among the Sabai Thai Spa customer base, however, it was only set to be redeemable at one Spa location. Unlike with previous vendors, Momo was able to quickly change the redeem details inside her VoucherCart dashboard, to include all locations. 

We didn’t really have to reach out to customer service often because it’s already really easy to use…but it’s not just that it’s easy for me, it’s easy for our receptionists or our other in-store staff too. If they make a mistake they can just contact head office and ask us to unredeem or refund something…and that is something that we can do immediately for them.

Momo Tansayni, Director of Marketing at Sabai Thai Spa.

Features & Security 

VoucherCart offers its clients the ability to remove and upload new photos to their e-vouchers and sales pages, something which the Sabai Thai Spa marketing team value immensely. Momo expressed that uploading photos which best represented the Spa, its employees and its clientele definitely resulted in better engagement with their packages. 

Privacy of information is extremely important for businesses today. VoucherCart enables decision-makers to give access to additional admin users instead of sharing sensitive login information with general employees. Momo selected which other admins she wanted to have access to the platform. She simply entered their email addresses and new passwords inside the platform, and then emailed this information to the new admins. Momo can assign permissions to each admin, controlling what they are allowed access to on the platform. 

Logins are tracked, meaning that when an admin user redeems a voucher, for example, this is logged and pulled onto the company’s redeem reports. Customising permissions and login tracking are two features which give management and decision making personnel like Momo, peace of mind.

We love the countdown timer feature because it really pushes people to purchase…having this option really reduces the amount of effort it would take to remind people that an offer is ending.

Momo Tansayni, Director of Marketing at Sabai Thai Spa.

The Future

Although their clientele base is still largely female, Sabai Thai Spa is beginning to see more male customers than ever before. As a response, they created the ‘Gentleman’s Getaway Spa Package’, which proved to be a 2020 bestseller. Moving forward, the team hope to create more male-centred vouchers which encourage self-care and promote the importance of men’s mental health. 

In the future, Sabai Thai Spa hopes to have a ‘pay monthly’ membership programme, whereby members benefit from discounted Spa packages and skincare products. The motivation behind the membership programme is to remind customers to take some time out of their busy schedules and invest in some essential self-care and healing. Sabai Thai Spa hope to expand and open new locations in Canada and eventually the US, bringing their vision of health and healing to even more people.