In this case study, we’ll look at how Viva Brazil Restaurants have used vouchers and gift cards to drive sales and profitability across the business.

Viva Brazil is an authentic Brazilian style steak house chain, where dining is only part of your evening out.  With busy restaurants in Liverpool, Glasgow & Cardiff restaurants serve over 15 different cuts of Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork and Sausages, all slow roasted over their charcoal barbecue and expertly carved at guest tables by their ‘Passadors’.  To accompany the meats from the barbecue, Viva Brazil offer over 20 variations of gourmet Brazilian salads and vegetable, as well as a wide selection of traditional home made Brazilian stew dishes and sides all topped off with a uniquely Brazilian atmosphere. You can enjoy the spectacle of expert carvers going from table to table and regular entertainment such as Salsa dancers, kids entertainers and magicians. There is always a party going on at Viva Brazil.

Viva Brazil’s first restaurant was opened in Liverpool in October 2010 with branches in Glasgow and Cardiff following in October 2011 and November 2012, the last few years have seen the brand flourish and growth continues apace.

“We’ve grown our revenue immediately from starting. It looks great, works great and is fully automated so we can just get on with running our business and watch the sales come in, it’s fantastic.”

What is VoucherCart?

VoucherCart is a sales engine.  It’s an easy-to-use, low cost sales technology which plugs in quickly and easily to any restaurant business and works day and night driving pre-paid sales and winning new customers for restaurant owners and managers around the world.

It’s among the most powerful eCommerce platforms available to businesses today and works by allowing restaurants to sell their services, as vouchers, tickets, packages and offers across all the restaurant’s digital channels – their website, their social media and email.   It uses automation to do this from a simple dashboard, so that each product/service or package the restaurant provides is available and purchasable in voucher form. The vouchers are promoted through the restaurant’s digital channels and available for sale at exactly the right times (or all the time if appropriate) and in the right places to maximise restaurant sales revenue.

For bigger businesses such as restaurant chains with more advanced needs it has a well provisioned API and can be integrated with EPOS/Back-office Accounts and other 3rd Party software,

Examples are: Monetary Vouchers and Gift Cards, Tasting Menu Offers, Chef’s Table Vouchers, Family or Group Dining Offers. The list goes on. If your marketing team can dream it up, your VoucherCart account will allow you to sell it – at a standard price, as a limited time offer and with per-person or table pricing as you prefer. You are in control and the options are virtually limitless.

“The VoucherCart team have looked after our needs brilliantly. Super-fast and helpful. “


“We were doing good sales levels in vouchers and tickets before VoucherCart, but it was a manual process and very hard to manage. We spent on average around 1 day per month alone manually producing the vouchers and sending them out to buyers and logging them. This workload is now gone.

The secure codes used by VoucherCart makes mis-use and fraudulent activity a thing of the past. This carried a significant cost for us prior to switching to VoucherCart.  Our sales have increased dramatically due to our ability to offer different promotions e.g Black Friday and due to the ease of people buying vouchers. We’ve also seen a growth in last minute sales even on Christmas Day for those Christmas presents that had been forgotten!  We also did a Black Friday Offer for use in January only. This allowed us to increase sales across a normally quiet period for us.”

Sarah, Viva Brazil

The Engagement

Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager who engages with the client at sign-up via telephone and online chat, and is responsible for all aspects of VoucherCart system usage and sales growth on an on-going basis. One of our experienced Restaurant Sector Account Managers worked with Viva Brazil to:

  • Discuss Viva Brazil’s preferences on what they wanted to sell and pricing-up their vouchers.
  • Collate images required for vouchers to be sold.
  • Liaise with the VoucherCart Graphics team to ensure our unique designs for Viva Brazil met their requirements.

Viva Brazil are currently selling Dinner offers and monetary vouchers.  View vouchers currently available at Viva Brazil.

This took less than 48 hours total from sign-up to go-live and with the above steps completed, the power and flexibility of VoucherCart’s promotion and sales automation is immediately effective.

Viva Brazil (and their VoucherCart Account Manager on their behalf if required) can now promote their vouchers at specific times through their channels with full automation.  Their account handles packages/offers and more at different times of the week/month and throughout the year – from Mother’s Day to seasonal offers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday through to Christmas. This leaves Viva Brazil’s Management free to handle the running of their business while the sales engine looks after the selling of the best of what Viva Brazil have to offer with full payments in advance. Each time a voucher is sold payment is passed direct to the restaurant’s bank account via their payments gateway.

“We’re able to take payment in full and in advance, and drive revenue for the business in ways we could simply not achieve without the VoucherCart software, The VoucherCart team have looked after our needs brilliantly. The VoucherCart support team are amazing. Super-fast and helpful.”

Results & Feedback: Restaurant gift voucher sales case study

Viva Brazil have seen a significant uplift in Voucher sales since implementing VoucherCart. Their revenue has been growing on average by 100% year on year since joining VoucherCart. In three years, their revenue has increased by 340% in just voucher sales.

Viva Brazil Revenue Growth

“VoucherCart is awesome. We’ve grown our revenue immediately from starting. It looks great, works great and is fully automated so we can just get on with running our business and watch the sales come in.   The VoucherCart team have looked after our needs brilliantly.  Super-fast and helpful. It has improved the control we have over revenue earned from gift voucher sales and means we can run effective promotions without paying the high costs associated with the likes of Groupon.”

Viva Brazil sales continue to go from strength to strength with continued revenue growth using VoucherCart and we expect to see these numbers continuing to grow. Their use of the latest technology across the business serves to affirm Viva Brazil among the leading innovators and trend-setters in the UK restaurant scene.


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