High-profit customer acquisition & retention - Delivered!

The introduction of vcCards extends VoucherCart’s powerful customer acquisition capabilities seamlessly, providing customer retention and loyalty at the highest profit achievable for your business. Acquire new customers with gift-card, voucher or ticket sales and retain them with powerful rewards and incentives.

We’ve built a powerful, flexible framework for rewards and loyalty with controls you define, to ensure your business retains and incentivises more of the RIGHT type of customer for your business to flourish and grow.

Our tools help ensure those customers who spend more are commensurately rewarded, and that the rewards you issue them are aligned to each customer’s unique and personal buying preferences and habits.

Starting their customer journey as a gift card, voucher or ticket holder, newly acquired customers become returning customers, through our powerful redeem ruleset and reward tools.

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Rewards & Redeem Ruleset

With customer buying habits and personalisation at their core, VoucherCart’s powerful combination of Reward Tools & Redeem Rulesets leverage powerful customer retention and loyalty. Your business can define exactly what rewards are issued and under which conditions.

Reward Tools:  

  • Auto-reload (Rewards)
  • Cardholder Discounts
  • Cardholder Specific Offers
  • Push Rewards

Presentation Packaging

Wallet or Gift box presentation for the luxury gifting experience.