S Hotels & Resorts

S Hotels & Resorts is a fast-growing holding company that engages in the management of hotels and resorts and investments in international locations. We have a unique portfolio of properties in desirable global tourism destinations. In 2021, S Hotels & Resorts owns a total of 38 hotels with a total of 4,522 keys in top destinations such as The Republic of Maldives, The Republic of Fiji, The Republic of Mauritius, The United Kingdom, and Thailand, all of which are attracting diverse numbers of tourists worldwide.

S Hotels & Resorts vision is to be premier international hospitality management and hotel investment company that sets new standards for the quality of leisure and lifestyle, based upon a philosophy of sustainable development and benefits for the local community. To that end, they aim to provide accessible and affordable luxury, hotel experiences, promote collaborative partnerships and improve their corporate governance. This vision is supported by their strong service culture through a highly engaging employee value proposition focusing on employee engagement, employee satisfaction and development of local talent.

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