Penta Hotels

Penta is not a hotel chain, it is a contemporary set of lifestyle hotels, with a neighbourhood vibe. With locations all across Europe, Asia and the UK, Penta Hotels boast a contemporary aesthetic and offer guests cosy and welcoming surroundings.

With stylish bedrooms, dynamic lounge spaces, meeting rooms and events facilities , Penta Hotels cater to both young couples and corporate professionals. Each Penta lounge offers guests the chance to relax and have some fun, with many fully equipped with billiard tables, games consoles and a 24 hour bar. Penta have a no fuss policy when it comes to food and drink, this means burgers, steaks and beer done well.

As well as monetary gift vouchers, Penta offer discount vouchers for their iconic Pentaburgers, complete with cocktails. For guests who wish to indulge in more luxury dining, Penta have created a Tomahawk steak dinner for two voucher. When redeemed, guests can expect Tomahawk steak, fries and a bottle of Malbec. Penta are unique and forward thinking in their approach to the hotel experience. Their aesthetic and brand attitude are current and in-keeping with modern style.

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