Your Gift Voucher Sales

No. There are no limits to the number or type of vouchers you create or sell. The only limitation is your imagination. It’s a good idea to offer your customers a useful range of options providing gift vouchers of different types, helpfully categorised for them to choose from.

Yes. You can add a start and end date for each voucher. The voucher will be available for purchase only after the start date you specify and be removed from sale (no longer visible) after the end date you specify so it can no longer be purchased.

Yes, you can create free vouchers from your dashboard. These can be emailed to your customer list, and are a great way to generate extra business: eg. Offer a small discount on all products/services during a fixed time period, or offer a small % discount on all sales over a certain amount. The options are infinite.

No, we do not offer this service. Your gift voucher buyers can elect to have their voucher sent to them or recipient by post (if you enable the POSTAL delivery option in your dashboard) and you will be notified of any postal orders placed so you can post these out manually. Currently in excess of 96% of all voucher sales are eVouchers.