When a customer presents their gift voucher you can simply scan their voucher using the easy to use phone app, or enter the voucher code displayed on their gift voucher in the REDEEM section in your dashboard. VoucherCart will confirm the voucher as valid if it is still valid and display the details of the gift voucher. Simply select REDEEM and you’re done.

When you enter the voucher code on the customer’s gift voucher VoucherCart will advise you that the gift voucher has expired. It is at your discretion whether or not you honour the customer’s expired voucher use in whole or in part, however as the voucher has expired you are under no obligation to do so.

Yes. VoucherCart provides an API for convenient integration with third party shopping cart systems and bespoke applications. This allows customers to redeem their vouchers on-line and within these applications. To enquire about integrating VoucherCart with your eCommerce/shopping cart software or other third party application, please speak with our integrations team.