When you create a voucher you will be asked if you want to promote it now or later. You can choose to promote each voucher at any time, but if you choose promote now, you will then be asked where you want to promote it from the options you have set-up. We recommend your web-site, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social media channels you may use.



The promotion engine uses a calendar based schedule which allows you to specify which places to promote your gift voucher and when. (eg. With the promotion engine you could decide to promote on your web-site full-time, Facebook on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for 3 weeks, Twitter twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday, and at the Weekend on Google Plus. You choose which vouchers you promote, where and when so you can set-up a schedule for each voucher that’s uniquely suited to the voucher type, where it’ best promoted and at what times. You can schedule promotions to repeat on any schedule/frequency you require, so you set them up once and your done. Gift vouchers of different types would typically be promoted at different times in order to provide your buyers with variation and choice.

eg. Let’s say you want to promote a Valentine’s Day Gift Voucher for a Romantic Meal for 2. Create your voucher and set-up promotion in each of your channels two or three times per week at specific times and set them to start promoting 4 weeks in advance of the 14th February (That’s Valentine’s Day) and then to be removed from sale. Select the ‘Repeat each Year’ option and your Valentine’s Day Voucher will be promoted every year without you touching a dial.

A similar approach for Christmas provides great results too with scheduled promotions starting in October through December, so you’re promoting when your customers are buying at peak purchasing times with resolution right down to the hour and minute.

No. There are no limits to the number or type of vouchers you create or sell. The only limitation is your imagination. It’s a good idea to offer your customers a useful range of options providing gift vouchers of different types, helpfully categorised for them to choose from.

Yes, you can create discount codes or upload your own which offer your buyers either a percentage or fixed price discount on any (or all) specific vouchers, gift cards or tickets you have available for sale.

You can define usage parameters for each discount code to:

  • Limit the total number of uses of any discount code (eg. 1000 uses total).
  • Limit the total number of uses of any given discount code per buyer.
  • Set a time-limit on usage of codes (eg. can be used between XDate/Time and YDate/Time).
  • Set cart rules such as minimum value of items in cart for discount to be valid for use.

View our VoucherCart Discount Code Tutorial