You can create:

  • Fixed Price Vouchers: Vouchers which have a fixed price. Either simple monetary vouchers or vouchers which relate to a specific product/service.
  • Pre-defined Price Vouchers: Vouchers which have multiple fixed prices you set which the buyer can choose from. (eg. $50, $100, $200)
  • Buyer-defined Price Vouchers: Vouchers where the buyer can choose the price in a range you decide. (eg. £50 to £5000)
  • Single-Use or Multi-Use: Vouchers can be created as one-time use (Single-redeem), or Multi-Use (Voucher can be redeemed a set number of times you define). eg. Create a voucher for 4 Spa Massage Treatments for the price of 3: Value $300. Here you create a voucher which can be redeemed 4 times, where the number of uses remaining on the voucher is reduced by 1 with each usage, or Create a Monetary Voucher with £500 value which can be redeemed up to a maximum of 6 times, where the value used at each visit is reduced from the total voucher value and the remaining value retained on voucher for subsequent uses.
  • Tickets: Create tickets for limited places events.
  • Limited Time Deals/Offers: Create vouchers which must be purchased before a specific date to gain discount or other benefit. Voucher Sales Page displays a Countdown timer – eg. Time Remaining to Buy: 3 Days, 2 hours, 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Discounted Deals/Offers: Create vouchers which show a crossed out price with reduction displayed to buyer.

No. There are no limits to the number or type of vouchers you create or sell. The only limitation is your imagination. It’s a good idea to offer your customers a useful range of options providing gift vouchers of different types, helpfully categorised for them to choose from.

Yes. When you create a gift voucher it is stored in your dashboard and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Yes. You can add a start and end date for each voucher. The voucher will be available for purchase only after the start date you specify and be removed from sale (no longer visible) after the end date you specify so it can no longer be purchased.

Yes. You can set each voucher to be valid for use for any number of months after purchase. Most commonly this is 6 or 12 months but you can choose.

Yes, you can enable or disable any voucher at any time irrespective of whether or not it is being actively promoted via any of your channels.

This is useful if you realise you’ve made in error in anything you are promoting/selling, so you can quickly disable the voucher, make changes and then re-enable it.