The buyer can do this themselves by logging into VoucherCart.

Here they can see all orders they placed and request resend to same address or change email address and click resend. You (the voucher seller) can do the same from your VoucherCart account dashboard on the buyers behalf also. It does not matter how many times the voucher is re-sent, as the voucher can only be used once.

This all depends on what type of voucher the recipient has.

If the voucher holder has a one-time-use voucher, then No. Each voucher of this type has a unique ID number (Voucher ID) and can be redeemed only once.

VoucherCart also supports multi-use vouchers and you “the seller” specify this as the voucher type when you create it. If the voucher holder has a multi-use voucher then the VoucherCart system will tell you this when you enter the voucher holders voucher code. Multi-use vouchers can be used multiple times or on a reducing value basis.

When the recipient presents the voucher for use, simply scan the voucher with your VoucherCart phone app, or enter the number in the Redeem section in your dashboard. The system will confirm if the voucher is valid and will not permit multiple use, unless the voucher is a multi-use voucher.

VoucherCart has smart event listeners built-in to ensure that the intended recipient of the voucher has:

  1. Received their email containing the voucher link.
  2. Clicked to download their voucher.

If either or both of these conditions are not met, VoucherCart will automatically re-email the buyer to advise that the recipient has not received and/or downloaded their voucher.

At any time, the buyer can login to re-email the voucher to themselves, the recipient or to any other email address they choose.

VoucherCart ensures that vouchers cannot be re-used by re-issuing a new code each time a re-send is requested.