For Voucher Buyers

The voucher buyer will receive an email thanking them for their purchase. The voucher recipient (or the buyer if the buyer has specified to send the voucher to their own email address) will receive an email with a link to download their voucher.

You (the business owner) will also receive a courtesy email to let them know someone has purchased a voucher.

VoucherCart has smart event listeners built-in to ensure that the intended recipient of the voucher has:

  1. Received their email containing the voucher link.
  2. Clicked to download their voucher.

If either or both of these conditions are not met, VoucherCart will automatically re-email the buyer to advise that the recipient has not received and/or downloaded their voucher.

At any time, the buyer can login to re-send the voucher to themselves, the recipient or to any other email address they choose.

VoucherCart ensures that vouchers cannot be re-used by re-issuing a new code each time a re-send is requested.

They can:

  1. Simply display the voucher and the voucher code on their mobile phone
  2. Make a note of their voucher code and present it to the business when they are redeeming

You (the voucher seller) can decide how your vouchers can be used by buyers when you create them. You can create vouchers which can only be used once (single-use), or vouchers which can be used multiple times (multi-use).

If you chooses to create a multi-use voucher, you can set the maximum number of times it can be used.

There are two types of multi-use voucher. Monetary and Quantity use.

Monetary:  Each time a monetary multi-use voucher holder uses their voucher, the value of the voucher is reduced by the amount they spend, and the remaining value is left on the voucher for them to use at their next visit.

Quantity: Each time a quantity multi-use voucher holder uses their voucher, the number of uses of their voucher is reduced by one each time they redeem. An example of this type of voucher would be a voucher offering 5 Spa Treatments for the price of 4, so the quantity for this voucher would be set to 5.

VoucherCart keeps track of monetary and quantity usage of all vouchers so you don’t need to worry about recording or monitoring this elsewhere. When a voucher is presented for use simply enter the voucher code and add the monetary value or quantity used at the holders visit.  VoucherCart will record all changes against the voucher so when it’s presented again you can see the monetary value or quantity of uses remaining clearly.

Yes, it’s perfect for this. The buyer can download the voucher and print it, then fold it along the lines provided to hand to recipient on it’s own or inside a birthday or anniversary card. Great, especially if someone has forgotten a Birthday, as once an order has placed then the voucher is received instantly!