VoucherCart is a sales engine. It is a global cloud based system used by businesses to promote and sell their products and services as vouchers, gift cards and tickets. Vouchers, gift cards and tickets can be sold as eVouchers, traditional printed physical cards, and reloadable NFC plastic cards as best suits your business requirements.

With VoucherCart you can sell anything you like, via your Web-site, Facebook, Twitter, email, and anywhere you choose to post on-line. Your vouchers can be available 24/7, 365. Everywhere! – or at limited times on specific channels only – you choose, and set promotions and availability to suit your needs.

VoucherCart uses automated promotion, viral levers and loyalty to ensure reliable and sustained sales growth, with powerful new customer acquisition and retention.

We charge 4% on the total of sales each month (you will be billed at the end of each month) + a small monthly subscription fee. See our pricing page for the subscription fee in your Country.

There are no hidden extra charges. Ever.

Our simple commission and subscription payment model means:

  • The more you sell and the higher your revenue each month, the better we do – so we’re a fully incentivised member of your team, helping you drive sales and profit without charging you extra fees along the way.
  • VoucherCart is 100% cloud based, and our platform is continually evolving to stay ahead of the field and provide the latest technology for your business (We release new features and upgrades every month – completely free of charge)
  • You can accurately predict costs with total transparency, and you know we will always be on hand to assist quickly and efficiently when you need us.

There are many, but here are a few important ones:

  • Increased Profit: Vouchers, Gift Cards and Tickets are the most profitable thing your business can sell. They provide your business with payment in full, and in advance, against products and services which are only every redeemed around 85% of the time.
  • Unparalleled Growth: VoucherCart is the world’s most powerful and advanced voucher sales engine for business – it’s a selling machine purpose built to grow revenue for your business! Thanks to the power of our automation, viral promotion, and loyalty – sales of your gift vouchers and vouchers will out-perform sales by all other methods.
  • Increased new customer acquisition & retention: Thanks to VoucherCart’s powerful automated promotion of your vouchers via your web-site, email and social media channels, your business can acquire new customers at significantly higher levels than can be achieved via traditional eCommerce platforms.  In addition VoucherCart’s optional loyalty programme rewards your voucher buyers with loyalty and rewards you define and control, to ensure your newly acquired customers return, again and again.
  • Improved Efficiency: VoucherCart is fully automated driving sales for your business hands-free, so once you have created your vouchers and gift cards, the system handles everything. No need for manual voucher or gift card printing, promotion, order fulfilment or postage. Once set-up, everything is automated so you just get paid and redeem the vouchers when you customers present them at your store/premises or on-line to redeem.
  • VoucherCart puts YOU in control: VoucherCart puts you in complete control of what you sell, when and where, at prices you define which make you profit, and on terms you control.  It lets you leverage loyalty to the voucher buyer AND recipient so you retain more of the RIGHT kind of customer.  Your vouchers, gift cards and tickets are promoted through your web-site and social media, so you get the benefit of increased exposure for your own digital channels strengthening your own online presence as you go.
  • Always up to date: It’s 100% cloud based so your software is never out of date. We’re continually adding extra features and tools to extend your reach and grow your sales over time. What’s more all upgrades are applied automatically to your account and are free of charge.

It’s easy as 1-2-3 and subject to account verification, you can be up and running in as little as a few hours. For larger businesses, national and international in scale set-up may range from a few days to a week or longer, to ensure all staff are familiar with platform operation.

We work closely with our clients because the more you sell, the better we do too. We’re  part of your team helping you grow your revenue so we recommend a screen-share consultation to assist you in:

  • Understanding what you can sell with VoucherCart and how it works.
  • Helping you decide which of your products and services should be voucherized, and advising on strategies for revenue growth.
  • Design of your vouchers/gift cards
  • General assistance and advice
  • Providing free training via screen-share sessions for your key staff and team members.

VoucherCart is a powerful platform and drives serious sales and revenue growth for our clients. We’ll ensure you are well trained and in safe hands.

Absolutely.  Whilst VoucherCart is a self-service SaaS solution designed to be easy for businesses to set-up and start selling, it is also a powerful platform with many advanced features, and we appreciate the need for close communication and consultancy with our clients, particularly during set-up.

As soon as you sign-up you will be provided with access to your Account Dashboard where a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you as main point of contact. He/She will provide any help and assistance you need via screen-share, telephone and one-to-one chat to ensure you are set-up correctly.

Your Account Manager together with our experienced support team are available for one-to-one chat at any time direct from your dashboard or via telephone. We continually monitor your success and offer help/guidance where we can see opportunities for you, as well as responding promptly and efficiently as and when you need us to.

As well as providing our powerful technology direct to your business, we have extensive sector specific skills and experience in how to use VoucherCart technology to best effect for our customers.  Our aim is to ensure our clients receive the benefit of this great combination of technology and consultancy, delivering optimal revenue growth and profit.

We’re available directly in chat from your account dashboard after sign-up and on an on-going basis, completely free of charge.

Our system is fully supported and we encourage engagement at all times. Your dedicated Account Manager is on hand via telephone, email and via your dashboard to assist you whenever you require help.

You can book 15 min screen-share sessions at any time, or training sessions for your team at absolutely no charge.

In your dashboard you can enter one or more email order notification email addresses to be notified when you receive an order.

Each time an order is placed the email order notification address corresponding to the voucher will receive an email notification that an order has been placed. You can set-up notifications to email you at the end of each day or every time you sell a voucher, gift card or ticket. You decide.

Yes, we provide a fully managed voucher and gift card postal fulfilment service for our clients, ensuring your postal vouchers, gift cards or tickets are packed and dispatched to your customers. You can order stock of traditional printed vouchers/gift cards, presentation wallets or boxes, and now also our new re-loadable cards.

Custom branded vouchers/gift cards, NFC Reloadable cards, luxury presentation wallets or boxes and stationery can be ordered from VoucherCart direct and are stored at our dispatch centre for print, pack and dispatch direct to your customers. Speak to your Account Manager for details of postal fulfilment options available and associated costs.

If you prefer to handle your own postal voucher and gift card delivery, you can set VoucherCart to notify you when a postal order is placed.

That’s easy. VoucherCart works with any website. Simply connect your sales page to your main website navigation and elsewhere such as your website footer, and any other pages of your site as suits your needs.

A good web developer or designer will be able to connect in minutes, and if you are a small business and need to do this yourself or need our support team to help, just let us know in chat and we’ll get that actioned for you.