The Basics & Getting Started

VoucherCart is a cloud based system used by businesses to promote and sell their products and services as vouchers and tickets.

With VoucherCart you can sell anything you like, via your Web-site, Facebook, Twitter, email, and anywhere you choose to post on-line. Your vouchers can be available 24/7, 365. Everywhere! – or at limited times on specific channels only – you choose, and set promotions and availability to suit your needs.

VoucherCart uses automated promotion, viral levers and loyalty to ensure reliable and sustained sales growth.

There are many, but here are a few important ones:

  • Increased Profit: Vouchers are the most profitable thing your business can sell. After all they give your business payment in full, and in advance against products and services which are only every redeemed around 75% of the time. VoucherCart is a sales engine, and as the world’s most advanced voucherisation platform for business it’s a selling machine – which will grow your business! Thanks to the power of our automation, viral promotion, and loyalty – sales of your gift vouchers will out-perform sales by all other methods.
  • Unparalleled Growth: VoucherCart is designed to make your buyers return.  In addition to the powerful automated promotion of your gift vouchers via your web-site and social media channels, VoucherCart’s optional loyalty programme rewards your voucher buyers with loyalty ticks they can use for real monetary discount on their voucher purchases. But that’s not all.  Buyers are encouraged to promote YOUR gift vouchers and earn each time someone they refer buys a voucher. This means your voucher buyers become voucher sellers for your business and so it continues…
  • Improved Efficiency: VoucherCart is fully automated and hassle free, so once you have created your gift vouchers (or we have created them on your behalf if you prefer) the system handles everything. No need for manual voucher or gift card printing, promotion, order fulfilment or postage. Once set-up, everything is automated so you just get paid and redeem the vouchers when you customers present them at your store/premises or on-line to redeem.
  • VoucherCart puts YOU in control: VoucherCart puts you in complete control of what you sell, when and where, and at prices you set to make you profit.  It lets you leverage loyalty to the voucher buyer AND recipient so you retain more of the RIGHT kind of customer paying the RIGHT price and incentivise them to come back and buy again for discounts YOU control. Your gift vouchers are promoted through your web-site and social media, so you get the benefit of increased exposure for your own digital channels strengthening your own online presence as you go.
  • Always up to date: It’s 100% cloud based so your software is never out of date. We’re continually adding extra features and tools to extend your reach and grow your sales over time. What’s more all upgrades are applied automatically to your account and are free of charge.

It’s easy as 1-2-3 and subject to account verification, you can be up and running within a few hours or less.

First, we’re a very pro-active company and the better you do, the better we do, so we will handle everything for you if you want us to, making sure your system has everything it needs from you to sell your gift vouchers and grow your business.

For those of you who prefer to set-up themselves it’s easy… Just register for an account, and specify your bank account where your sales payments are to be sent or we’ll connect to your preferred payment gateway.

You can then jump straight in, and create your vouchers for sale using our simple voucher wizard.

VoucherCart will automatically create your unique sales pages URL (the web address of your gift voucher shopping cart pages) where your vouchers will be visible for purchase on-line. Simply take this URL and add it to your Web-site navigation or ask us or your web developer to do it for you. If you have social media accounts, just register your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts in your dashboard and you’re good to go.

Please note that each account has to be verified, so please ensure you complete the information required in full.

If you need help with any of these steps, we’re just an email or phone call away.

Yes, we do – as quickly as possible, and in most cases that’s less than 24 hours from sign-up.

If you do well, we do well, so consider us part of you team.

As soon as you sign-up you will be provided with contact details for your Boarding Assistant. He/She will provide any help/assistance you need to ensure your vouchers are created, promoted and your sales are growing. Your assistant will check your gift vouchers, ensure you are ready to start selling, and generally be available to assist with any aspect of using VoucherCart when required.

We will continually monitor your success and offer help/guidance where we can see opportunities for you, as well as responding promptly and efficiently as and when you need us to.

As well as providing the most powerful gift voucher sales engine available today, we have the skills and experience in how to use this technology to best effect for our customers and we want to ensure you get the benefit of this great combination.

Our system is fully supported and we encourage engagement at all times. Your dedicated Boarding Assistant is on hand via telephone, email and via your dashboard to assist you whenever you require help.

After sign-up your Boarding Assistant will check your gift vouchers and ensure that you are ready to start selling. We will keep an eye on your sales and offer tips/advice to improve where necessary.

In your dashboard you can enter one or more email order notification email addresses to be notified when you receive an order.

Each time an order is placed the email order notification address corresponding to the voucher will receive an email notification that an order has been placed.

Yes, If you choose to enable the POSTAL option in your dashboard then the buyer is presented with the option to send the gift voucher by post. If the buyer chooses this option then you will receive a notification to send out a postal voucher to the buyer together with the voucher details and address of recipient. Email is best because it’s faster, cheaper and easier to track but the postal voucher facility is available should you require it. Just select ALLOW POSTAL DELIVERY in your dashboard settings panel.

96% (and increasing) of all Gift Vouchers sent are sent via email as eVouchers. Due to logistics, higher delivery costs and falling demand we no longer provide a postal voucher fulfillment service