Integration is easy.

  1. Login to your VoucherCart Account DASHBOARD
  2. Select VOUCHERS > click the VIEW icon (Here you will see your embed codes for your voucher sales page and any specific vouchers you have created)
  3. Copy the code then login to your website and add the code(s)
  4. You’re done!

If you require and assistance/help doing this, just ask your Boarding Manager and they will be glad to carry out this task for you.

Yes, our API allows developers to integrate VoucherCart with 3rd Party Applications. (?)

If you are an existing customer with integration requirements and do not have programmers on your team to complete integration for you, just let your Boarding Manager know. You should provide an email detailing the Software to which you would like integration completed, together with a clear description of what you require and we’ll get right back to you with an answer and timescale for integration.