Yes, provided you can export your historical sales data from your existing system including any unique voucher codes associated to each voucher, our on-boarding team will be glad to handle voucher sales data import for you.

You can export a range of data by type and date range from VoucherCart including:

  • Customer Data
  • Customer Orders
  • Voucher Status & Redeem Activity Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Invoices

You can import a range of data to VoucherCart including:

  • Historical voucher sales data (eg. when upgrading to VoucherCart from a legacy/existing platform) – View Data Import Template file
  • Voucher Images
  • Email Addresses for Promotion
  • PDF Information files to be associated with gift voucher purchases and sent to voucher buyers

Yes, we have a fully provisioned REST API for that: VoucherCart API

Our integrations team will be glad to assist.

VoucherCart reporting enables the production of detailed management sales reports which can be printed and exported to .csv file format.  Sales data is available across all your vouchers, gift cards and tickets daily, weekly, monthly or annually, as well as for any specific date range you choose.

Similarly, accounting reports can be produced for any date range detailing redeemed, unredeemed and expired vouchers.

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