Yes, provided you can export your historical sales data from your existing system including any unique voucher codes associated to each voucher, our on-boarding team will be glad to handle voucher sales data import for you.

You can export a range of data by type and date range from VoucherCart including:

  • Customer Data
  • Customer Orders
  • Voucher Status & Redeem Activity Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Invoices

You can import a range of data to VoucherCart including:

  • Historical voucher sales data (eg. when upgrading to VoucherCart from a legacy/existing platform)
  • Voucher Images
  • Email Addresses for Promotion
  • PDF Information files to be associated with gift voucher purchases and sent to voucher buyers

Yes, we have a fully provisioned REST API for that: VoucherCart API

Our integrations team will be glad to assist.