It’s easy as 1-2-3 and subject to account verification, you can be up and running in as little as a few hours. For larger businesses, national and international in scale set-up may range from a few days to a week or longer, to ensure all staff are familiar with platform operation.

We work closely with our clients because the more you sell, the better we do too. We’re  part of your team helping you grow your revenue so we recommend a screen-share consultation to assist you in:

  • Understanding what you can sell with VoucherCart and how it works.
  • Helping you decide which of your products and services should be voucherized, and advising on strategies for revenue growth.
  • Design of your vouchers/gift cards
  • General assistance and advice
  • Providing free training via screen-share sessions for your key staff and team members.

VoucherCart is a powerful platform and drives serious sales and revenue growth for our clients. We’ll ensure you are well trained and in safe hands.

Absolutely.  Whilst VoucherCart is a self-service SaaS solution designed to be easy for businesses to set-up and start selling, it is also a powerful platform with many advanced features, and we appreciate the need for close communication and consultancy with our clients, particularly during set-up.

As soon as you sign-up you will be provided with access to your Account Dashboard where a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you as the main point of contact. He/She will provide any help and assistance you need via screen-share, telephone and one-to-one chat to ensure you are set-up correctly.

Your Account Manager together with our experienced support team is available for one-to-one chat at any time directly from your dashboard or via telephone. We continually monitor your success and offer help/guidance where we can see opportunities for you, as well as responding promptly and efficiently as and when you need us to.

As well as providing our powerful technology direct to your business, we have extensive sector-specific skills and experience in how to use VoucherCart technology to best effect for our customers.  Our aim is to ensure our clients receive the benefit of this great combination of technology and consultancy, delivering optimal revenue growth and profit.

We’re available directly in chat from your account dashboard after sign-up and on an on-going basis, completely free of charge.

Our system is fully supported and we encourage engagement at all times. Your dedicated Account Manager is on hand via telephone, email and via your dashboard to assist you whenever you require help.

You can book 15 min screen-share sessions at any time or training sessions for your team at absolutely no charge.

In your dashboard you can enter one or more email order notification email addresses to be notified when you receive an order.

Each time an order is placed the email order notification address corresponding to the voucher will receive an email notification that an order has been placed. You can set-up notifications to email you at the end of each day or every time you sell a voucher, gift card or ticket. You decide.

Yes, we provide a fully managed voucher and gift card postal fulfilment service for our clients, ensuring your postal vouchers, gift cards or tickets are packed and dispatched to your customers. You can order stock of traditional printed vouchers/gift cards, presentation wallets or boxes, and now also our new re-loadable cards.

Custom branded vouchers/gift cards, NFC Reloadable cards, luxury presentation wallets or boxes and stationery can be ordered from VoucherCart direct and are stored at our dispatch centre for print, pack and dispatch direct to your customers. Speak to your Account Manager for details of postal fulfilment options available and associated costs.

If you prefer to handle your own postal voucher and gift card delivery, you can set VoucherCart to notify you when a postal order is placed.

Yes. At voucher creation, you can add specific usage terms.

The terms are visible to both the buyer and the recipient.

You should select the Pro version. Licences are issued based on the number of locations you have so if you are registering as an umbrella organisation with different business/locations/brands you need our Pro version. Here are some examples:

A single Business with one physical premises/location: VoucherCart Standard

Group/Chain of businesses (eg. Hotel Group with 7 hotels: VoucherCart Pro (5 locations) + 2 additional Location licenses added.

Restaurant Chain with 40 Restaurants: VoucherCart Enterprise

We are a voucher and gift card automation technology provider for businesses, so we do not sell vouchers, gift cards or tickets ourselves. Your business is the seller, however, VoucherCart provides your business with the technology to handle creation, promotion, sale, redeem and overall management, tracking and reporting.

In 2020 we launch our global marketplace and buyer APP.  From 2020 you will be able to promote any or all specific vouchers, gift cards or tickets you sell in our global marketplace.

You can sell just about anything you like using VoucherCart.

VoucherCart is a sales engine, so whatever you sell is sold as a voucher or ticket redeemable against products/services you provide to the voucher holder at a later date.  A voucher can be a product, a service, or a combination of products and services your business offers. You decide! You can even bundle things together and sell them too.

Here are some quick examples:

  • Service Only: 1-hour Golf Tuition, Luxury Romantic Weekend Break, Off-road Driving Experience.
  • Product + Service: A 30-minute massage with a complimentary bottle of Luxury Massage Oil.
  • Product Only: Get 3 Food Hampers for the price of 2.
  • Tickets for your Events: Ticket for French Cooking Masterclass on Xday/Xmonth/Xyear.
  • Special Offers: 2-course lunch Mon-Thurs for a reduced price.
  • Last minute Deals: Fill spaces in your hotel/restaurant/event with last minute deals.

and much, much more…

We have provided a design editor for you so that when you are logged in you can upload your logo and play with colours and backgrounds to achieve the look you desire.

The voucher sales pages are structured so that they will be visible and easy to use in all modern devices from iPhones to Tablet PC’s, Laptops and Desktops.

If you need further help with design changes on your page which are not supported by the editor tools, just ask and we’ll edit it for you to match your site.

After your payment gateway is connected, our graphics team will create designs uniquely tailored to your brand, including your logo, images and colour scheme taken from your website. It’s part of our service and free of charge.  Besides this, you can use any designs you like.

We have a library of 1000’s of design and colour variants to choose from or if you prefer you can create your own.

Yes, you can.

In VoucherCart, you can set:

a) Start date and an end date between which the voucher holder can redeem his/her voucher. This is specific to every voucher you create. This is called the Redeem Window. This is ideal for events for example, where the event is taking place on a specific day or set of days.

b) A period after the date of purchase during which the voucher holder must redeem his/her voucher. This is called the Voucher Expiry Period and is the most common format. 3,6,9 or 12 months are most common.

c) You can also set your vouchers and gift cards to NEVER expire.