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Step 1: Create your discount code(s)

First create your code(s). This step takes 2 minutes in your dashboard.  The discount code can then be used by your customers to obtain discount on one or more of your vouchers for sale.

Step 2: Email your Customer Database

Now tell your audience via email. Get 25% off XService or Product. Limited-Time Deal. etc. using discount code BF0211

Step 3: Social-promote your voucher from your dashboard

Set your auto-promotion schedule for your voucher via Facebook and Twitter.  Choose a voucher to promote and add the code as accompanying text.

So let’s get started

Just follow these 3 steps below

Step 1: Create your Discount Code.

Your Black Friday Discount Code can be a percentage of fixed price discount applied to all your vouchers of just a few. You decide.

Your discount level should be enticing to the buyer to have their finger hovering on the buy button.

The video here shows you exactly how to create a discount code.

Watch Video: How to create a single discount code

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.