Maximise your voucher sales revenue through Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Window using VoucherCart.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily turbo-charge your voucher sales using VoucherCart during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period.

You have all the tools to drive your sales at your fingertips, so let’s dive right in. Simply follow the steps below to ensure you make the most of the biggest sales window of the year. Black Friday to Cyber Monday week.

With COVID vaccines deployed across the globe, the economic shackles are loosening, and when it comes to sales, particularly regarding vouchers and gift cards you can set the validity as you see fit to give your buyers comfort in their purchasing.

Get your vouchers ready!Black Friday is here!

If you are new to VoucherCart and not yet aware of the powerful selling features of our platform, then NOW is the best time to discover just what you can do.

Too many businesses miss out badly on sales during this period as a result of lack of preparation or strategy.

Remember – As the old quote from Benjamin Franklin goes…

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

What follows below takes up to 1 hour at most to set up and will have a significant impact on your Black Friday voucher sales.

If you should get stuck or just need some advice, simply chat with our support team via your dashboard.

One-fifth of Black Friday shoppers spend 90% of their budget on gifts.

Redeemed on average only 85% of the time, and with payment direct to your bank in full and in advance, vouchers and gift cards are the single most efficient and profitable items you can sell during Black Friday.

Black Friday Voucher Sales Strategy

Voucher promotions via email, website, and social media (Black Friday Limited-Time Deals)

Step 1: Create and send a teaser email to your customers

The teaser email will announce that on Black Friday you will be offering an AMAZING/MUST BUY Limited-Time Deal.

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Step 2: Create your Black Friday deal/offer vouchers

The voucher deal/offer can be anything you like but should be attractive to your audience. eg. 25% off X Service or Product. Limited-Time Deal. etc.

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Step 3: Social-promote your voucher from your dashboard

Add more Oomph! to your sales effort. Set an auto-promotion schedule for your voucher via Facebook and Twitter.

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Step 4: Email voucher deal to your customer database

Send an email notification to your customers about your Black Friday voucher with a link to buy.

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So, let’s get started!

Step 2: Create your Black Friday deal/offer vouchers

Your Black Friday deal/offer should have a countdown timer like the one in the video below. You may choose to set the end date for the sales window to Cyber Monday, or even beyond as is the case with many Black Friday sales which now stay open for 7 days or more.

Your offer should be enticing to the buyer so either adding enough extra value or reduction in price will have their finger hovering on the buy button.

The video below shows you exactly how to create a limited-time offer so go ahead and create one and set it to PRIVATE or DISABLE from the dashboard while you wait for your email notification date in Step 4.

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.

Step 3: Set your voucher to auto-promote via your social media.

With automated voucher promotion scheduling, you can set any voucher to be promoted to Facebook and/or Twitter at any time and to recur at any set frequency.

So in this case you want to set your voucher to promote on Black Friday and ideally end after 7 days. For optimal performance, set your voucher to auto-promote 2 or 3 times over the 7 day period through Cyber Monday. Choose days and times which you think will suit your audience.

The promotion scheduler puts you in complete control.

Just contact your Account Manager if you need any assistance.