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Predictable, growing and recurring revenue

Our Affiliate and Partner Programmes have been structured with recurring revenue as standard. Not only do our Partners and Affiliates benefit from predictable revenue each month, but their revenue and that of their customers also grows over time.

We accept applications to our Partnership Programme from established and reputable businesses worldwide across a range of Market Sectors.

Affiliate Programme

(For 12 Months post-registration)

  • 20% of the monthly subscription fee for all accounts.
  • All fees paid monthly

Partner Programme

(For full term of client contracts)

  • 20% of monthly Subscription Fee
  • + 0.5% of monthly sales revenue for all accounts.
  • All fees are paid Monthly.
Cashflow revenue and profit graphic

Technology synergy, sector aligned knowledge and collaboration drives process improvement and opportunity for growth. For customers, for buyers, for our partners, and for us.

Doing what is best for our customers is at the heart of everything we do.